I Havasupai problem. 


Angie Johnson asked me if I wanted to go to havasupai next month. I said sure! I’ve wanted to go for ten years! Then I found out it was actually next week. WHAT. 

So after stressing about it slightly and convincing my boss this was an OPPORTUNITY and I would just ALWAYS REGRET not going and I just HAD to go, I bought me some gear (um why did no one tell me being outdoorsy was mega expensive) and some food (you mean I have to carry everything that I am going to eat for three days?!), packed it all up and headed to the Grand Canyon. 

Favorite moments: Hiking in at 2 am so we got to the campground just as the sun was coming up, the horses the scared the crap out of me on the hike down, sleeping slash spend all my down time in a hammock, challenging my fear of cliff jumping, singing TSwift and Britney while playing Mow (sp?), making everyone say “Ahlin is my queen”, waking up next to a river every morning, hiking out and getting caught in the sunny summer rain. 

I love pushing my body to see what it can do and I love exploring this earth and just getting to be in awe and so grateful for it. 


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