My favorite Nicki Sowby moved to NYC so I thought it would the perfect June birthday getaway for myself. I haven’t been since before I moved to AZ and I have been dying to walk those streets again. 

If I said I didn’t spend hours working on my itinerary and mapping out my to-dos, I would be a liar. I usually try to make my itineraries flexible and I usually don’t get too attached to it, I just like to have a plan. But this time, I did almost everything I had planned! From my YGM night, to my Brooklyn day, everything was picture perfect. And spending time with Nicki was just the cherry on top. 

Favorite moments: sitting in Cafe Lalo, my morning run in Central Park, the multiple nice and helpful New Yorkers I encountered, getting poured on in Chinatown, Nicki getting macked in Little Italy, sitting in the garden at The River Cafe, laughing with Nicki, the unreal and fancy brunch we had at Norma’s, smelling the sea as soon as I got off the subway at Coney Island, running into the Davis family at Coney Island (WHAT. Yes.), eating the most delicious pizza at Julianna’s, all the trees in Brooklyn. 



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