I first loved Bruce when my dad played Dancing in the Dark on repeat when I was 10 or 11 (one of our America road trips). That was pretty much the extent of my Bruce knowledge for the next 15 years of my life.

Then I bought Born to Run on cd at Half Price Books. It didn’t get any play time for a few months, but once it did, I was obsessed. I played it on repeat for weeks on end and just swam in Bruce’s husky, raspy, twangy, soulful voice. And his words are true and cut you in your heart and he doesn’t leave anything out. I love him.

Then I listened to Tunnel of Love on repeat, then The River, I got the greatest hits, and now I’m just a true blue, take me now, Bruce-ifile. One day at work I was on the road all day and I actually MISSED listening to Bruce. Ha.

I got to see him in March, I went by myself, sat behind the stage in the nosebleeds because I just needed to know if he was really what I’ve heard. Guess what. He is AND MORE. He really is The Boss. Everyone follows his lead and he played and sang for three hours straight, running around the stage like he was 20 years old. I love him.

I took a flip phone pic, and the people sitting next to me were thinking Who is this girl who is here by herself, not drinking, with a freaking flip phone. I know guys, I know.


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