Summer list.

Kate sent me her Things I Want To Do In July list and I was like Hey! I love lists! And summer! And doing things! So I decided to make one too.

  • Take a day to spend morning ’til night in and by the pool.
  • Find a cool bike route and just riiiide.
  • Make a financial plan that I am pumped about.
  • Read five of my new books!
  • Buy a temple dress.
  • Try really hard to make night walks a thing.
  • S Cubed…
  • Float the river.
  • Make a summer trip to St George to see Baby Atlas. <3
  • Drive in! With lots of QT.

June 21st. 

This is the day I get to eat my delicious birthday cake for breakfast (it’s always better the next morning after it’s been refrigerated) and think about how great my birthday was and what my new age means to me.

It is also the birthday of my very favorite human. So I think about him too.



First day of Summer. 

My birthday is NEVER on the first day of summer. It is always the last day of spring. I even got in a fight with a kid named Tyler Peterson in fourth grade because he flaunted the fact this his birthday, June 21st, was in the summer and mine was not. Rude. So when I found out it was actually the first day of summer this year, I knew it was a good omen. Did you know I am superstitious? Because I secretly super am.

I started out the day to sleeping in (aka not waking up to an alarm clock) and then immediately opening the presents and cards I had received thus far. Then I got ready and went to work, which typically I don’t like working on my birthday but I considered NYC my birthday present to myself and that included three days off work. You pick your battles.

I made Kevin go with me to get french toast at Kneaders. That is all I wanted! What a good sport. I am grateful for good friends at work. My whole team surprised me with a cake and card even! So so nice.

After work I picked up my favorite All-American Chocolate Cake from Costco and then ran home to pick up Danielle for dinner. We met up with Kate, Kim, Stephen and Angie at Yupha’s, my favorite birthday tradition. It was so delicious and so wonderful to spend time with some of my closest friends. There is something about being surrounded by people you love and who conversely love you that just makes life so sparkly and beautiful and warm.

When we were done with dinner, we raced home in time to watch The Bachelorette (if you would have told me a year ago that my birthday activity of choice was to watch The Bachelorette, I would have laughed at you right in the face). A bunch of my friends came over and we just had the best time. I love the ladies in my ward and I have loved getting to know so many of them. I always feel completely inadequate and undeserving of their love and support, but I don’t think about it too much or else I get overwhelmed and I lay in bed and stop doing things.

If my 26th birthday is any indication of what the next year is going to be like, I am extremely excited and grateful and humbled. Every year I fall more in love with my life and everyone in it. Here’s to 26!!!


Goodbye 25. Part three. Father’s Day. 

As mentioned before, I surprised my dad for Father’s Day and it was awesome. We went to church where he was baptized at 23. I had never been there, besides when I went as a one year old, apparently, so it was pretty cool to be there since I am a direct result of that decision. 

After sacrament meeting, we went to a Father’s Day luncheon at the airport put on by the local EEA chapter. Those guys love my grandpa, which was really touching. I got to hang out with 5 of the 6 Griffiths, plus my two Griffith brothers and little Cruz. 

I love hanging out with Trent and Blake. I hate that I don’t see them often, only once a year for the last few years, but for some reason this time it was especially hard to leave them. I feel like we would be best friends if we spent more time together, and I hope that’s something that gets to happen someday. 

So it was a successful weekend, Father’s Day, and send off to 25. Driving home was bittersweet, but what better way to distract yourself from your emotions than listening to Mindy Kaling’s audiobook and counting down the hours until your birthday?


Goodbye 25. Part two. 

After a drive up the PCH, a quick stop at Barnes & Noble and Nekter, I went to Shoreline Marina And hung out with Mike and Julie on the Manning boat. It was actual paradise.

We went over to 215 for dinner, where I fully stunned my dad. It was the best.
After dinner, dad and I went to visit Grandma Griffith. It was so good to see her. She is so beautiful. I sat by her and just thought of how I could always feel her love towards me. She is a lovely lady and I am grateful to be one of her namesakes. 



Goodbye 25. Part one. 

I kind of last minute decided to go to California for Father’s Day weekend so I could a) surprise my daddy-o (which I did successfully thankyouverymuch) and b) because who doesn’t want to spend the weekend before their birthday in SoCal with their doting family.

I met up with Anna and Brian Campa, my favorite Pasadena power couple and great friends. They bought me breakfast at Sugar Shack (thanks guys!!) and we hung out at the Hayes HB condo for a bit. So picture perfect.



My favorite Nicki Sowby moved to NYC so I thought it would the perfect June birthday getaway for myself. I haven’t been since before I moved to AZ and I have been dying to walk those streets again. 

If I said I didn’t spend hours working on my itinerary and mapping out my to-dos, I would be a liar. I usually try to make my itineraries flexible and I usually don’t get too attached to it, I just like to have a plan. But this time, I did almost everything I had planned! From my YGM night, to my Brooklyn day, everything was picture perfect. And spending time with Nicki was just the cherry on top. 

Favorite moments: sitting in Cafe Lalo, my morning run in Central Park, the multiple nice and helpful New Yorkers I encountered, getting poured on in Chinatown, Nicki getting macked in Little Italy, sitting in the garden at The River Cafe, laughing with Nicki, the unreal and fancy brunch we had at Norma’s, smelling the sea as soon as I got off the subway at Coney Island, running into the Davis family at Coney Island (WHAT. Yes.), eating the most delicious pizza at Julianna’s, all the trees in Brooklyn. 



Table tennis. 

Ping pong has been getting pretty intense around the Vance House these days. Our monthly home teaching visit usually ends in a tourney, and it turns out Danielle won’t play me because she thinks I will beat her! She is obviously queen, so I could never. But I guess having a table at work increases my intimidation factor. Heyo. 

Also, I told Jose I would beat him by the end of the summer. That is where ego leads you, kids. 


SLC and sisters. 

I took a quick trip to SLC to celebrate Niki’s (belated) birthday. After missing my flight (uhhhh wut) and a six hour stint in the airport (getting on and subsequently getting kicked off standby flights), I finally made it into Niki’s loving arms. 

Saturday night we met up with Gina and Lauren and Kendall for some Mellow Mushroom and Top Golf. There was a lot of food, a lot of standing in line, and a lot of laughs. I love my sisters. 

And hanging out with Maudy in bed while watching and dancing to Tswift music videos is always a plus. 


My Dukes for the weekend. 

I love when I get to hang out with my Dukes, especially when it’s on my own turf!

I showed them Old Town, Camelback, Nekter, Pizzeria Bianco, and some downtown Phoenix! We spent Saturday by the pool and finished off the night seeing Handsome Ghost and The Summer Set.

Thanks for coming down, Dukes!