texas forever.

i got to spend a week in one of my favorite cities. since i was there for work, i was put up in a hotel, ate a lot of free food, and enjoyed my favorite valentina after work every day. i got my velvet taco fix (twice), spent some time (and money) in my very favorite bookstore, made my visit to emporium pies (duh), and finally bought a candle i have been wanting for two years. i got to see some friends and even make new ones. success.

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super bowl block party.

since the super bowl was held in az this year, there were lots of events taking place around the valley. some friends and i went to downtown phoenix for a free concert by walk the moon! it was so fun, they were great performers, plus they covered a killers song. win win win.

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the work.

But the thing that got me through that moment, and any other time that I’ve felt stuck, is to remind myself that it’s about the work. Because if you’re worrying about yourself—if you’re thinking: ‘Am I succeeding? Am I in the right position? Am I being appreciated?’ — then you’re going to end up feeling frustrated and stuck. But if you can keep it about the work, you’ll always have a path. There’s always something to be done.

– President Barack Obama