take me out.

we started up our ward softball team. you could say i’m falling in love with the sport all over again.

this is a part of myself that lies dormant most of the time, but i love stepping back into this ahlin every once in a while.

i should really do it more often.



never not now.

most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe that the next moment must be more important than this one. but then you miss your whole life, which is never not now.

– eckhart tolle


don’t mess.

over labor day weekend i was finally able to go back to dallas, the first time since moving from there over a year ago. shana flew in as well [as a surprise to valentina] and it was practically perfect in every way. i was greeted with a sign and we went straight to velvet taco for my very favorite paneer tacos to start off the weekend right. the rest of the day included steel city pops, ‘suits’, a very spicy burger at grub, the rustic, a qt run, and more ‘suits’.

sunday we went to church where i got to see a lot of familiar faces and catch up with old friends. then we got ourselves a couple pizzas at piggie pies and did some more ‘suits’ before picking up our tiff’s treats on our way to see ‘what if’. we ended the night with some more ‘suits’ before bed.

monday morning we woke up early and drove south for some horseback riding! this fulfilled my ‘ride a horse in texas just like augustus mcrae’ dream. check. then we went to my favorite breadwinners for one of my favorite breakfasts. afterward i looked around half price books for a couple hours while valentina and shana napped. i love that place so much and i did not leave empty handed… then we got ready and picked up our favorite tacos again to eat at klyde warren park. after that we went to the bishop’s arts district so i could get some of my very favorite pie at emporium pies. we each got something different and taste tested them, and i got a piece of apple ‘lord of the pies’ to go for my az roommates. afterward we got some qt and met up with shawn and ed for bowling! we finished the night with some more ‘suits’ before our six am flight tuesday morning.

honestly such a perfect trip, and obviously too short. i am sure an annual trip to dallas is a must. i still love my state of texas so much.

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ward camp out at blue ridge.

this was our last hurrah with the southshore ward and my last activity to plan. we camped up near blue ridge reservoir and it was beautiful and the weather was so nice and we ate s’mores and made breakfast burritos and hung lanterns and listened to chicago and looked at the stars and canoed and enjoyed the wild air. it was a pretty perfect end to the tempe era.

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the inspiration.

my dad bought these tickets in january and they were waiting patiently, saved on my desktop for seven months, until they could be printed and redeemed. it has been a dream of mine for years to see chicago in concert, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. every song hit me right in the childhood and there were several times i thought my heart would burst from too much happiness.

i could go on and on about how amazing it was and how i became subsequently obsessed, but i think i can summarize it pretty well by saying that seeing them was like seeing the killers perform live for the first time all over again.

chicago chicago1 chicago3

note slash major bummer: i somehow deleted all my pictures and videos from the concert from my photo stream. so they are nowhere to be found. stupid cloud. good thing i tweeted not one, not two, but three pictures from the night. obsessed i tell you.



july 2014

the fourth of july included flying, QT runs, jeep rides, pool time, BBQs, fireworks, dancing on my own, sparklers, a drive to snowflake, and a rodeo // the rest of july included packing and a trip to alpine that was beyond amazing [archery, wild horses, zip lining, bonfires, and stargazing]. dreams came true.

IMG_8188 IMG_8191 IMG_8203 IMG_8229 IMG_8234 IMG_8326 IMG_8329 IMG_8330 IMG_8331 alpine alpine1 alpine2 alpine3


my bruxist vacation.

in june i went to st george to have some work done on my jaw since it was locked for a month. super fun stuff.

the upside is that it was done by a family friend and my old sunday school teacher dr dudley and i got to be doted on and taken care of by my beautiful mother! plus matt and jade brought me a dirty dr pepper because they are the best. david read to me and watched movies with me. [sooo good to see david, i love that kid so much]. and me and gatsby had some bonding time of course. that rabbit is seriously a cat.

i got to hang out with the kids, get a massage with the mother, see the nan, and relax for a few days. i love st george and i love being with my family.

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