az travels.

usually when people think of arizona, they think of the hot dry desert. to their credit, this is not very far off. but, a lot of arizona is very different than the desert.

first, gina, dad, and i took a day trip to a campsite out past show low at big lake for a mini family reunion. we met up with the aunts and uncles and ggg and even some distant cousins. it was so beautiful out there, it was well worth the drive. i even found a dog to be best friends with. huzzah.

IMG_7951 IMG_7956

i went with my friend jaron and some others out to roosevelt lake to go wakeboarding. this was my first time and it was amaaaazing. plus the water was gorgeous and felt so good. i want to get in the habit of visiting lakes.


for father’s day i went up to bagdad to visit my dad. it is much cooler up there than in the valley so it was a great break from the heat. plus it was fun to spend some time with my pops in his stomping grounds.

IMG_7979 IMG_7982


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