b + q 4ever.

brittany quinn got married! it was beautiful, they were beautiful, the gilbert temple was beautiful. i love these two and am so glad they finally tied the knot!

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#beachtrip2014 #drivinginthesun #partfour

tuesday was the sad day we parted ways. we drove up to la to drop off lo at lax, but not before visiting the temple and getting the habit for lunch. then sarah and i stopped at yogurtland before she took off at the long beach airport and i hit the road.

i love mine besties and it was everything we could have imagined and more. until next time ladies!

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#beachtrip2014 #drivinginthesun #parttwo

sunday we went to church, took a stroll along the beach, and then made dinner for my family. grandma and grandpa griffith and the magrath’s came over to the manning’s house and we had such a fun time. melissa made a delicious australian dessert and we watched youtube videos and laughed and ric graded us on our meal. we passed.

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#beachtrip2014 #drivinginthesun #partone

after [pretty much] two years of separation, lo, sm, and ag finally reunited in sunny socal. we got in friday night and spent saturday watching hulu, beaching it, and getting some great food in long beach. catching up and remembering the good times and discussing the future and laughing at the past and livetweeting every moment. gosh i love these girls.

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