my all and in all.


the lord is my light, my all and in all

there is in his sight no darkness at all

he is my redeemer, my savior, and king

with saints and with angels his praises i’ll sing


viva las campas! part two.

saturday was full of happiness and beauty and smiles and food and dancing. basically best day ever.

we went to the las vegas temple and i waited outside with lizzie and a little baby child and the photographers, who decided to take practice shots of us. not awkward at all.

brian and anna came out of the temple looking so beautiful and happy. i love these two so much and i feel so blessed to know them and to see them take this next step together!

between the temple and reception, we went to the hard rock cafe for lunch [where i found a killers display. be still my beating heart]. then i went to the pool for some reading and relaxing time. i love staying at hotels.

the ring ceremony and reception was at the las vegas country club. it was so perfect and fun to catch up with old friends and make new ones and dance like crazies.

it honestly could not have been a better night.

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