sometimes i like to look back to certain times of my life and remember when i discovered something or what had all my attention or how i dealt with things. so this is me taking inventory of what i think about/listen to/read/eat obsessively these days. plus you know how i love lists.

– can’t stop with the chips and salsa right now. everyday i have chips and salsa. my roommates and i are trying out all different kinds, trying to find the best. so far a couple of my favorites are the fresh market kind from wal-mart and the peach pineapple archer farms brand from target. so. good.

– trail running is my new therapy. i don’t even want to run any more unless it is on the trail.

– t shirts and leggings and flats are my go to right now. which is difficult because sometimes it looks like i am in pjs. oops.

– my goal to not travel so much this year is not going well. so far i have gone on three weekend trips and i have two coming up in the near future. then again, not mad.

– i love love love the cold war kids right now. actually i have since last summer. but i still can never get enough of them. plus they are long beach natives. heyo.

– i miss my nieces and nephews. and sisters. and brothers.

– books i’ve recently read that i absolutely loved include my name is memory by ann brashares, the girl with glass feet by ali shaw, beautiful ruins by jesse walters, and i am currently reading one of johnny cash’s autobiographies which i am taking my time with because i never want it to end.

– my goal for this summer is to not watch any tv shows. or maybe to just have one. i forgot how exhausting it is to keep up with several shows during the season.

– my struggle with figuring out my next hair cut is extremely real.

– my struggle to get out of the bed in the morning is also extremely real. any tips on that account are very welcome.

– i think i make a quesadilla everyday.


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