the great st george escape.

i finally made it back to the sweet homeland of st george. everyone can agree that it had been far too long since i graced the red dust with my presence. obviously the first item on the list was grabbing some habit and yogurtland. [if you have not experienced a habit burger in your life thus far, i call you unto repentance. drive whatever distance you need to obtain one. or come visit me. there is one on my street corner. #blessed].

the salt lake sisters arrived the next day. beautiful maud baby was a sight for sore eyes and i could  not wait to make up for lost time [let’s not mention the christmas illness of 2013]. we all played games and shopped and laughed and talked and got more habit [i’m telling you]. niki and i went for a trail run in chuckwalla [trail running. my new obsession. get into it]. also, matt got a massage exclusive from the nan. lucky duck.

gina joined us saturday evening. we all loved up on her and let her hold maud [did i mention gina has hung out with maud more than i have? abomination.], watched some freaks and geeks, and did our nails. this is what sisters are for, amirite?

sunday i went to stake conference for a bit. stake president dudley was my sunday school teacher when i was seventeen and it was good to talk to him again. definitely a highlight from my weekend. when i came home i talked to maud for a bit, took some sista pics, and said my goodbyes.

thanks for keeping it real, st g. you always know how to treat a girl real nice.

IMG_7023 IMG_7032 IMG_7029IMG_7039IMG_7054IMG_7121IMG_7119IMG_7117


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