viva las campas! part one.

this will probably definitely go down as one of my top favorite wedding weekends ever. of course. because it was for anna and brian, who i love more than the sun in the sky.

ashley and i got to las vegas thursday night, picked up danielle, and checked into the las vegas hotel and casino. friday morning was full of reunions and first meetings and love and food and happiness. we had a bachelorette breakfast buffet at the green valley ranch casino and had a fantastic time laughing and catching up and eating and laughing some more.

we split up for a bit and hit the mall before we met the hayes clan at the bellagio. i don’t think i had ever been there and it is my new life goal to stay there and partake of all the beauty and luxury in all forms. we checked out the gardens [LOVED IT] and the bellagio fountain danced to ‘my heart will go on’ [PERFECT] and walked around a bit. then we said a final goodbye to anna before the wedding.

ashley, leslie, and i went back to the hotel to chill for a bit before heading to dinner [cafe rio, heyo]. leslie’s husband came and whisked her away, so ashley and i went to the airport to pick up ally. we went back to the hotel and decided to walk around to check out the casino and such since we don’t have a reason to go down there ever. i found some cool mirrors to take selfies in. basically always on the lookout for those.

the day was long but so fun and helped us get [even more] pumped for the actual #campawedding day!

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sometimes i like to look back to certain times of my life and remember when i discovered something or what had all my attention or how i dealt with things. so this is me taking inventory of what i think about/listen to/read/eat obsessively these days. plus you know how i love lists.

– can’t stop with the chips and salsa right now. everyday i have chips and salsa. my roommates and i are trying out all different kinds, trying to find the best. so far a couple of my favorites are the fresh market kind from wal-mart and the peach pineapple archer farms brand from target. so. good.

– trail running is my new therapy. i don’t even want to run any more unless it is on the trail.

– t shirts and leggings and flats are my go to right now. which is difficult because sometimes it looks like i am in pjs. oops.

– my goal to not travel so much this year is not going well. so far i have gone on three weekend trips and i have two coming up in the near future. then again, not mad.

– i love love love the cold war kids right now. actually i have since last summer. but i still can never get enough of them. plus they are long beach natives. heyo.

– i miss my nieces and nephews. and sisters. and brothers.

– books i’ve recently read that i absolutely loved include my name is memory by ann brashares, the girl with glass feet by ali shaw, beautiful ruins by jesse walters, and i am currently reading one of johnny cash’s autobiographies which i am taking my time with because i never want it to end.

– my goal for this summer is to not watch any tv shows. or maybe to just have one. i forgot how exhausting it is to keep up with several shows during the season.

– my struggle with figuring out my next hair cut is extremely real.

– my struggle to get out of the bed in the morning is also extremely real. any tips on that account are very welcome.

– i think i make a quesadilla everyday.


a selfy, for good measure.

i am determined to not have an insurmountable amount of time pass between blog posts. so here is a selfy from my vegas weekend and an excerpt from a poem i recently read in ‘the death and life of charlie st cloud’.


dive for dreams

trust your heart / if the seas catch fire

(and live by love / though the stars walk backwards)

e.e. cummings


st p tradition.

my favorite shana ‘shan ban’ sanders came to visit me this weekend and we realized that exactly a year ago we also spent the day together at the greenville st patrick’s day parade in dallas. for some reason this weekend was very prominent in our memory so we decided it is the new tradition to spend st patrick’s weekend with each other. boom. done.

this year we bought some jamba and einstein’s and headed up to peoria for a spring training game: giants at mariners. [fun fact: i was at the same stadium exactly two years ago watching a mariners game when i was helping my dad to the az. little did i know i would be in the phx myself in a short time. life, amirite?]

we met up with some glendale peeps there and it was super fun. i love baseball and i love sunshine and i love shana so basically it was all kinds of perfect. and we kind of accidentally recreated our parade pic from the year before. presh.




the great st george escape.

i finally made it back to the sweet homeland of st george. everyone can agree that it had been far too long since i graced the red dust with my presence. obviously the first item on the list was grabbing some habit and yogurtland. [if you have not experienced a habit burger in your life thus far, i call you unto repentance. drive whatever distance you need to obtain one. or come visit me. there is one on my street corner. #blessed].

the salt lake sisters arrived the next day. beautiful maud baby was a sight for sore eyes and i could  not wait to make up for lost time [let’s not mention the christmas illness of 2013]. we all played games and shopped and laughed and talked and got more habit [i’m telling you]. niki and i went for a trail run in chuckwalla [trail running. my new obsession. get into it]. also, matt got a massage exclusive from the nan. lucky duck.

gina joined us saturday evening. we all loved up on her and let her hold maud [did i mention gina has hung out with maud more than i have? abomination.], watched some freaks and geeks, and did our nails. this is what sisters are for, amirite?

sunday i went to stake conference for a bit. stake president dudley was my sunday school teacher when i was seventeen and it was good to talk to him again. definitely a highlight from my weekend. when i came home i talked to maud for a bit, took some sista pics, and said my goodbyes.

thanks for keeping it real, st g. you always know how to treat a girl real nice.

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rain rain.

the first weekend of march was full of rain rain rain and it was pretty wonderful. we threw open the windows and i stayed inside all day reading and watching and sleeping and enjoying the humidity that began to envelope our apartment. it was so unusual and welcomed we just had to have a hot chocolate movie night at our apartment as a final farewell to this fine az winter.



enter spring.

visiting st george has given me the refreshing start to this new segment of my life where i am busy and doing things and moving forward and figuring things out [always] and being grateful for everything. everything.

here’s to spring and it’s thing with change and growth and the unexpected.



february 2014

relished in the valentine’s celebrations // celebrated adam’s birthday with the best homemade cake of your dreams // got to hang out with my favorite aldous babes // a new killers’ poster and gold washi tape were welcomed into the sanctum that is my room // went on one of my first arizona hikes with a beautiful german shepherd, ie my soulmate // finally got started on my dream to get my pilot’s license, nbd // toured through the gilbert temple on valentines day // visited yuma for my dear anna’s bridal shower

IMG_6788 IMG_6799 IMG_6801 IMG_6818 IMG_6830 IMG_6839 IMG_6925photo (1)photo


january 2014

new year’s eve of dreams // held my lobster // in omnia paratus // wedding dress shopping and success with beautiful anna // tempe ysa conference, including but not limited to service projects, the romneys, and a blessed reunion with my favorite rachel roylance // jaron’s birthday extravaganza // reading and sunshine // valentine card making

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