december 2013

quinnjamin’s birthday at the main event // lights at the mesa temple // the southshore ward ugly sweater christmas extravaganza // gina found the phx and we stopped in the st g before hitting the slc // christmas in slc that included babies, snow, shopping, reading, getting extremely sick, and skyping with the baby bro

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november 2013

utah trip for a reunion and a bridal shower // batting cages with the old man // friendsgiving 2013 // welcomed the christmas season with a fire in the our fireplace // asu basketball games for fhe // thanksgiving with the griffiths // ggg’s 60th wedding anniversary // fake snow at the mission inn in riverside

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october 2013

conference in bagdad with the dad // priesthood pinterest party crafting // a trip to columbus, oh to visit my favorite hintzes // THERE WERE PUPPIES // defense against the dark arts class ok fine defensive driving // the dukes came! and it was magic // a trip to st g with vale // then on to vegas for the life is beautiful festival where we stood for 8 hours to see jurassic5, passion pit, vampire weekend, and the killers. obvi.

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september 2013


my dallas girls came to the phx for labor day weekend // sedona // discovered habit burger // moab trip with nik // got to see so many of my favorite utahns, including kendall, the brutsch’s, and the nan // joined anna for byu football times

IMG_5641 IMG_5650 IMG_5665 IMG_5670 IMG_5682 IMG_5687 IMG_5698 IMG_5732 IMG_5727 IMG_5739 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5758 IMG_5773 IMG_5779 IMG_5805