here i am.


here i am. in az. we got here sunday night after driving approximately 1100+ miles from dallas. niki flew in thursday night to make the journey and i could not be more happy and grateful she came.

after a friendly nudge, i realized i haven’t fully explained why i made the move. to make a long story short, my office in dallas was dissolved and my boss offered me a job in the phoenix office where some of my team works. this all happened in february and at first i was pretty shocked because i felt like i had just made this huge life change (dallas), how could i be making another one (phoenix) so soon? but the more i thought about it, the more it made sense and the more i felt peace about the change.

i know that i needed to be in dallas then and i know that i need to be here in arizona now. i am excited for this new adventure and cannot wait to see what the future holds for me…


it's happening.

see you on the other side.

it’s happening.


texas independence relay.


oh man. this was hands down the funnest experience i have ever had with running. my team was so amazing. we had all kinds of fun and were all so in love with each other that the day after we just kept emailing each other saying how much we missed each other. it was beautiful.

we started out of gonzales and ran through backroads and open roads before hitting the suburbs of houston and running all the way across the city. it was so fun to see different parts of texas and to get to know this state even better.


st patrick’s day and a drive in.


shana and i went to the st partick’s day parade on greenville [get it?]. it pretty great, a lot of drinking before noon, dancing, mardi gras beads and, of course, green. i’m glad i got that dallas experience under my belt.

later that night we went to the drive in with our ward. i will always need a drive in in my life.

love my roommates. so much.