niki and corinne take texas: part three.

saturday morning we drove down to austin, ate some good texas bbq, and went to my cousin’s baseball game. it was so great to see my uncle and his family, it had been several years since we were all together. after some family time, we said goodbye and then went on the hunt for friday night lights locations. we were able to find tim riggins’ and coach taylor’s houses and it was awesome. they are super close to each other. totally worth being creepers and taking pictures.

after that we went into austin and stopped at the capitol building. i had never seen it from behind. there is a large park behind it, it is so green and beautiful. then we found a recommended food truck called gourdough’s and it was pretty wonderful. after a long walk along the river, we headed back to dallas. we met valentina at velvet taco for dinner (again) and then headed home.

the next morning i took the to the airport where they flew off to virginia and it was sad. but i am so glad i got to show them around my dallas area before i move.


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