how i take care of myself.

– string lights and mirrors for my room.
– make sure i don’t get hungry.
– white linens.
– long showers, clean hair, and smooth legs.
– read all the books so i feel like a kid again.
– daily scriptures and prayer.
– write my grandmas via post and email.
– chapstick always.
– the shamu cup filled to the brim with ice cold water.
– make plans.
– talk to my parents regularly.
– recognize blessings.
– talk to people when i would rather stay silent.
– run run run.
– early to bed early to rise.
– surround myself with uplifting things.
– assume the good.
– indulge in that man who smells oh so good.
– lists galore.
– sweaters.
– give in to things i enjoy and keep away from whatever i do not.
– believe in love.
– see my beautiful self.
– invest in the relationships with the ones i love.
– create.
– winged eyeliner and heavy mascara.
– collect notebooks.
– candles.
– do hard things. over and over.
– don’t apologize for what you need not apologize.
– wear my killers shirts for strength.
– work out in makeup.
– longs walks and less social media.
– sing really loud in the car.
– dark brows and bright lips.
– sleep.
– laugh at myself on the regular.
inspired by here and here

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