reasons i can’t sleep.

here is a video of the killers as babies in celebration of them releasing their texas tour dates. huzzah.
pink jacket and guyliner. the best.

twenty three.

sarahmainesduke is twenty three and i can only celebrate with her in spirit.
some fun facts some of you may or may not know about sarah:
– she is an incredible artist. not just a creative person, she has actual artistic abilities that come out of her hands and onto whatever medium she pleases. she has a drawing that was in her room that i loved and then i found out she drew it and then i had a even bigger testimony of sarah’s coolness.
– she loves cow tales. you know, that old almost chalky candy that you can’t decide whether you like or not? also, why is it called cow tales? are they telling you a story? no. no they are not.
– she loves soccer. like she really truly enjoys watching it. that made the 2010 world cup a lot of fun, let me tell you. it also made it super awesome when she met her husband who is, to put it mildly, a soccer fanatic. presh.
– yes. her hair really is that beautiful in real life. as is her face and her spirit.
love you smd. one day we’ll live in the same time zone again and it will be magic and birthdays will not go without birthday hugs and we will live [even more] happily ever after forever.

read more.

like last year, i have a goal of reading 20 books this year. last year i did 16, which is more than i read the whole time i was in college, i’m sure. i am fairly confident that i can beat that and even exceed my goal. probably because seven of the books on my list are the entire harry potter series. i think it’s about time i reread those adventures.
i am more than welcome to any recommendations. i am terrible at finding new books to read.

twenty twelve review.

an east coast trip. my best friend’s wedding. graduation. said my goodbyes. made the move to texas. celebrated twenty two. bought a car and made some friends. niki and renn wedding extravaganza. a second half marathon. got a surprise visit for friendsgiving. southern utah christmas. a farewell to 2012 with my favorite people. the last night of the year overlooking the city.
ya done good 2012. ya done good.