this is happening right now.

and there are probably definitely major tears happening to my face.

christmas: 2012 edition.

i woke up before the four year old // waiting to come upstairs for presentsss // the awesome apron my mother made for me // laken telling hello kitty stories through her karaoke machine // my bad a t swift t shirt // matt singing love story through his daughter’s karaoke machine // me and nik // les mis. my heart.

christmas eve.

christmas eve was full of christmas pj’s, christmas treats, christmas songs, and some healthy competition, provided by spouses wrestling and a ping pong tourney. we were having so much fun we didn’t realize how late it was until we went to bed at two in the morning. sorry not sorry.

gina turns twenty one.

it was georgina’s birthday on sunday. we had church and jade’s famous indian chicken and renn’s famous brownies and my famous picture strings. jk they’re not that famous. but they are awesome.
happy birthday george. this was only part one. part two is coming up soon….

before christmas.

our 12/12/12 chrismakkuh party happened and it was a hit. hot chocolate, treats, snowflake making, and we had everyone write down advice for their twelve year old selves. hilarious stuff.
valentina turned twenty four! we went to dinner and went back to her apartment for cake and dancing. i made a funfetti cake using diet cherry 7up instead of eggs and oil. and might i add, it was delicious.
a roommate [plus valentina who is basically a roommate] christmas happened. and to put it lightly, i totally scored. two yogurtland gift cards, an awesome notebook, a star wars kids book [be still my heart], some nail polish, and a beautiful iphone cover. what did i do to deserve such thoughtful friends?

merry and bright.