fighting with amanda.

i love this interview from the deseret news about amanda. she is my sister’s very best friend and someone i have known since i was fourteen. amanda has always looked out for me, ever since she told me how amazing coldplay’s x & y album was and got me addicted to dr. mario. we even had a couple classes together at byu. she is now battling stage 4 cancer and her winning attitude is something that i admire about her most. 
love you amanda. so much. sending prayers from texas. xo.


gina showed up on my doorstep on thanksgiving day. she drove 18 hours from virginia to surprise me. to say that i was shocked would be an understatement. i was completely floored, and even after the tight hugs and many tears [waterworks were all from me, by the way], i still could not believe she was actually here. in my apartment. in dallas. this was the first time in three years we were together for thanksgiving. long overdue and well spent. love you snister.

thankful for.

a continuation of lists onetwo, and three
i am thankful for my family. my friends. this beautiful gospel. my job. my reliable car. my new apartment. my roommates. a love for reading and learning. twinkle lights. my beautiful bed. constant access to clean water. an able body. the wonderful friends i have made in dallas. once upon a time. airplanes. visitors. weddings. utah mountains. texas skies. long conversations. morning runs. clean hair. super delicious food. the killers. my furniture. farmers markets. fresh flowers. frozen yogurt. really good pizza. my phone. my new mexico sweater. people who look out for me. dollar stores. really great humor. strong men. chocolate chip cookies. pretty paper. cooking food. indiana jones.

dallas does christmas.

saturday night i ventured into downtown dallas for the first time since i have been here. we got a group together and went to the dallas city lights event, where the streets are blocked off and they unveil the whole christmas scene in all the stores and the parks. there were vendors and even it’s a wonderful life was playing.
the biggest hurrah at this event is the neiman marcus display. it is supposed to be huge and beautiful every year and they did not disappoint. it was so beautiful and magical inside but on the outside they had an interactive playground for the kids. it was pretty amazing.
after eating some tacos and walking around in complete awe, we went back to shawn and cameron’s apartment for a bond movie and some krispy kremes. yum.

it’s official. adele is the cutest.

i know i know, i’m like three years behind jumping on this bandwagon. [although, i would argue that i knew about her before she got popular. yeah. i went there.] but i just watched some of her live concert dvd from royal albert hall and she really is amazing. this was one i love and have had on repeat. watch out, she says the f word right at the beginning. i don’t know if it counts though because her accent is so thick. yeah.

closing time.

today i am moving from my first post grad apartment.  usually i am extremely sentimental about these  kind of things but it didn’t really hit me until yesterday that this was the end of an era. i have been in dallas for almost six months. sometimes it feels like i have been here forever and sometimes i still stop and think ‘what? i live in texas?’
i will be moving in with a couple girls i have come to know and love and i am so excited for this move.  although i love living by myself, this change will be good in so many ways. i spent my last night alone packing, eating froyo and sweet potato fries, and watching ‘moonrise kingdom’ [loved it, by the way]. a solid end to my roommateless life.
these past six months in dallas have been amazing and i have grown so much. here is to the next six months! [in a much nicer apartment!]