welp. looks like my life is full of screens. computer screens, phone screens, tv screens. let’s take a look at what seems to be so important in my eyes.
runaway bride. classic.
 presidential debates. plus pinterest…
 once upon a time. byu football game. rangers game. all at once. #heyo
 facetime with bob. hey bob.
 downton abbey season three. be still my heart.
i read too guys. like books. like books with paper. promise.

3 thoughts on “screened.

  1. i accidentally found out who dies in downton abbey season three. those dang british tweeters! also, i don't even know which show is more favorite, downton abbey or once upon a time. i just can't pick.

  2. I'm so glad you could watch a part of season 3 before they took it down! I think I figured out another way to watch, but if you have then share the wealth! Also, you never cease to be my favorite blogger ever. Like seriously, you are the funniest and cutest. I'm obsessed with your life. #creepy? maybe. who cares. :)

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