happy halloween y’all!

trunk or treat saturday night was a hit. our ward teamed up with the family ward for a night full of fun. valentina and i dressed up and set up shop with some cobwebs and scary music [band of horses] while handing out candy to the adorable children. seriously, halloween would be no fun without the children.
coolest pirate and rosie the riveter everrrr.
shout out to hannah for the costume idea! honestly, i am the worst at coming up with halloween costumes. it is a curse. please bless my future husband has an imaginative… imagination.

thirteen point one.

welp i did it and it was super great.

a synopsis:

it was fffreezing early saturday morning. we started at 730, ran around downtown and uptown and around some homes whose beauty is hard to beat. my playlist was tailored to perfection. mr. brightside played at the exact halfway point, all i do is win played during mile twelve [arguably the worst mile of all the thirteen point one] and battle born was my finishing song. just a taste of the perfection:

when they knock you down / you’re gonna get back on your feet
cause you can’t stop now
did they break your heart / did they cause your soul to mourn
remember what i said, ‘boy, you was battle born’

and you know what? my soul did mourn. i had been pretty stressed about the race all last week because i hadn’t trained very well for the last few weeks. my body could feel that stress all week and throughout the race. when i crossed the finish line, i actually started crying. tears. i was crying tears. it was like instant relief that i didn’t know i was seeking. and it was the best feeling.

a huge shout out to my beautiful friends who were holding signs at miles eight and twelve and at the finish. it makes such a difference. and a special mention to my running partner shana who has been training with me these past couple months. can’t believe we finally did it!

now. some pics.

 post run brunch. yum.
i beat my pr by five minutes! and next time i plan on getting under two hours.
yes. next time.

i LOVE to see the temple.

i think i love the salt lake temple more and more every time i am around it. especially since being away for so long. especially since some of my very favorite people have been married within its walls. 
one day i hope to be around it constantly.
i promise my utah trip will come soon. with all the family photos, the wedding photos, i want to make it good…


welp. looks like my life is full of screens. computer screens, phone screens, tv screens. let’s take a look at what seems to be so important in my eyes.
runaway bride. classic.
 presidential debates. plus pinterest…
 once upon a time. byu football game. rangers game. all at once. #heyo
 facetime with bob. hey bob.
 downton abbey season three. be still my heart.
i read too guys. like books. like books with paper. promise.


i cut my hair.
it was long and i cut it.
and it felt goooood.
plus the girl who cut my hair was possibly the cutest nicest girl alive and she did such a good job and it does my heart good to have someone who i enjoy who is so great and who won’t let me look like a crazy when cutting my hair because do you know what moving means it means having to find all these new people to trust to take care of you i.e. dentist, nail salon, optometrist, etc.
more layers. kept the middle part. thinned it out a bit. lovvvve it.

insta lately.

texas cold front. // ducks and turtles at the mall whaaat?
hung my own curtains. what up. // my new phone who i love dearly.
my love wall. // pancake breakfast before general conference.
leather plus florals equals my fall. // sunday night walk.
got a comforter. #heyo // glitter pumpkins. it’s a thing.
living the ghetto fabulous life. // deep thinking and the dallas skyline.

welcome to the 2nd annual pinterest party.

due to the success and awesomeness of last year’s party, i decided to bring it to dallas.
during priesthood session some talented and beautiful ladies came to my apartment with the kind of dishes you only find in your dreams. among these dishes:
oreo cheesecake cupcakes
muddy buddy popcorn
‘skinny’ spinach artichoke dip
avocado fries
seven layer bean dip in a cup
pumpkin spice cake
cheesecake filled strawberries
coconut hot chocolate
now that i have you all salivating, i will tell you that it was all just as good as it all sounds.
after all the eating, chatting and hair braiding, i deem this pinterest party a success.

hook line & sinker.

this is my friend valentina. she helps me choose the right. also she helps me choose to eat the delicious fish place in uptown dallas on a beautiful thursday night. basically she knows what is best for me.
 also. for those interested:
i live in texas.

how can you tell.

as if my blogging, tweeting, retweeting and facebooking wasn’t enough. 
there is also plenty of insta evidence of my obsession. 
my favorite shirt of all the shirts.
valentina letting me watch endless amounts of killers videos.
best email of my life.
the killers. tegan and sara. my mom. my sister. all my dreams are coming true.