velvet taco for your soul.

i have been a little obsessed with this taco shop as of late. going three times in two weeks? it might have happened. at first i was a little worried because of my vegetarian diet but they have some incredible choices for those who aren’t so meat inclined. i got the kung pao tofu taco and a fried paneer taco. and i could not shut up about them. seriously, by the end of the night everyone there knew that i was obsessed. i hadn’t found anywhere in dallas that i can’t get enough of. this. is. the. place.
now who wants to visit?

3 thoughts on “velvet taco for your soul.

  1. Hey Ahlin, it's your favourite George.I can't help but immediately think that that taco shop has an unfortunately double entendre-iffic name. The tacos look delicious though

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