pick list.

some of you may think the only thing i think about ever is the killers. you are sorely mistaken. it’s like 85% killers, 15% everything else. so there. [ps get into battle born, i promise it will be worth your while].

1 – [netflix watch instantly – once upon a time] – maybe i am watching every episode again before the season premiere on september 30th. those of you who have not partaken of that which is ouat, repent, get on netflix, and soak in all the goodness that are all your favorite fairytales. [and prince charming’s face].

2 – [twitter – @normaltweetguy] this twitter account cracks. me. up. they are just way average tweets that are extremely mediocre and not clever or original in the least. which is why they are fantastic and get me every time.

3 – [pinterest – star wars teacups] i can’t even handle these. i need them in my life. like yesterday.

4 – [tumblr – just say amen already] a tumblr blog that shares the sometimes cynical, always hilarious real life ways of being mormon. credit to anna for the find.

5 – [timehop] get an email every morning with what you did on twitter, facebook, and or instagram on that day a year ago. they are pretty fun to read, i’m not gonna lie. it just shared this one and it made me laugh out loud for real. several times.


2 thoughts on “pick list.

  1. ummm i'm glad to see i'm not the only one rewatching once upon a time. i'm so so so excied for the new season! on an unrelated note, prince charming is also on thor, which blew my mind.

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