velvet taco for your soul.

i have been a little obsessed with this taco shop as of late. going three times in two weeks? it might have happened. at first i was a little worried because of my vegetarian diet but they have some incredible choices for those who aren’t so meat inclined. i got the kung pao tofu taco and a fried paneer taco. and i could not shut up about them. seriously, by the end of the night everyone there knew that i was obsessed. i hadn’t found anywhere in dallas that i can’t get enough of. this. is. the. place.
now who wants to visit?

pick list.

some of you may think the only thing i think about ever is the killers. you are sorely mistaken. it’s like 85% killers, 15% everything else. so there. [ps get into battle born, i promise it will be worth your while].

1 – [netflix watch instantly – once upon a time] – maybe i am watching every episode again before the season premiere on september 30th. those of you who have not partaken of that which is ouat, repent, get on netflix, and soak in all the goodness that are all your favorite fairytales. [and prince charming’s face].

2 – [twitter – @normaltweetguy] this twitter account cracks. me. up. they are just way average tweets that are extremely mediocre and not clever or original in the least. which is why they are fantastic and get me every time.

3 – [pinterest – star wars teacups] i can’t even handle these. i need them in my life. like yesterday.

4 – [tumblr – just say amen already] a tumblr blog that shares the sometimes cynical, always hilarious real life ways of being mormon. credit to anna for the find.

5 – [timehop] get an email every morning with what you did on twitter, facebook, and or instagram on that day a year ago. they are pretty fun to read, i’m not gonna lie. it just shared this one and it made me laugh out loud for real. several times.


kind of like stealing.

this one time i got a dresser, a desk and a nightstand for a grand total of eighty dollars. as in eight zero. as in super cheap. yay for thrift stores that are the catholic version of deseret industries. yay for best friends who let me text them and ask for their sound opinion. yay for heavenly father fulfilling silly needs like having drawers to put my things in.
i have been wanting a dresser forlikeever. and finally, after three months, after numerous debates running circles in my head of what kind of furniture to get, i was able to take my clothes out of the cardboard boxes they came in and placed them in actual drawers. decorations to come soon…
did i mention they were eighty dollars? such a steal.

austin: the departure.

yeah. there were three parts to this austin series. who knew. [not you].

we made two food stops in round rock before continuing the journey back to dallas. hannah’s mom demanded she bring back donuts from round rock donut so that was stop numero uno. and wouldn’t you know it, they had the biggest donut i have ever seen. appropriately named ‘the texas donut’. [everything is bigger in texas, remember?]

after we had our fill [which i didn’t have due to the no sweets deal. next time!] we went to the salt lick, which was supposed to have the best bbq around. i didn’t have any but the sauce was way good and may i say they had the best potatoes i have ever been privileged to put in my mouth. really. so good. i also had a nice large salad and more bread than i am willing to admit. i regret nothing.

a vegetarian’s paradise.
also. do i even need to say it? battle born today!!!

a stalwart example.

i have been convincing people that brandon flowers was mormon since i was fourteen. and when he came out with his mormon video i did several fist pumps and then watched it about eight billion times. and then when anna sent me this video this week, i died. i actually died.
basically brandon gives the sweetest testimony and then stands up for the church to renowned evolutionary biologist and atheist, richard dawkins. [btw the interview is just for the first twelve minutes and then there is the performance at the end].
just a couple thoughts:
  1. i love brandon.
  2. he was definitely ambushed but acted extremely appropriately and classy.
  3. although i don’t agree with mr. dawkins and thought he was a little less polite than he could have been, i don’t think he was aware that brandon wouldn’t have a chance to speak for himself.
  4. knowing that people live without hope or faith that our father in heaven loves and looks after them makes me sad.
  5. i love brandon.
i only hope that i am able to face this kind of confrontation with the sincerity and confidence that brandon did. i think he was a great example of stalwart faith and kindly disagreeing with those with opposing views, without cowering or backing down.

austin: the city.

while in austin, we got to hang out about the town a little bit and i have got to say that i totally loved it. it is green and it never felt crowded and there is a beautiful river that runs right through it all.
saturday night we had dinner on sixth street which was a ‘must’ and sunday before church we checked out the capitol, which was so beautiful. did you know texas is the only state that is allowed to have the state flag alone on the top of the capitol building, without the company of the usa flag? true story.
[i cheated.]
 [davey crockett. we used to call my little brother davey crockett. we were hilarious as children.]
me. shana. hannah.

awake is better than asleep.

i have been listening to battle born streaming through itunes [still can’t own it until the eighteenth] and it is almost too good to be true. i am actually sad that i have to go to bed because that means i can’t listen to them anymore and it might not be there in the morning. how have i made it all these years without this? and how will i last until tuesday to have it all for myself? i honestly don’t know. i have so many feelings i don’t know what to do with myself.

one of my favorite lines right now:

i saw you in a restaurant the other day
instead of walking toward you
i ran away

from here with me

why. why must they do this to me.