figuring out how to balance everyday life and things that just happen to come up is proving difficult. i wonder if it is something that i will ever master. if you know the trick, please share with the class. between working 8 to 5 [which actually means not being home from 7:30 to 6], semi-important to do lists, great intentions to work out, getting enough sleep so i don’t feel like a train hit me the next day, and being somewhat social [just to name a few], i just can’t seem to get a handle on it all.

wo is me.

in the meantime, enjoy this amazing girl who i recently met. she just got back from driving to 48 states in 52 days. no joke. kind of incredible. girl is straight crazy. crazy awesome.


take me out.

last friday after work i went to my first rangers baseball game. and it was so fun!
the second i sat down i knew i was in my happy place. baseball is my favorite sport and i have a plethora of irreplaceable baseball memories, especially when my dad took us to padres games. it is just so relaxing and fun and everyone is happy, even if it is just because they are drunk. plus i get to eat yummy hot dogs and the occasional frozen lemonade. three cheers for america’s favorite pastime!
now i just need to invest in a rangers t shirt and or baseball cap. happy friday everyone!

day of my life.

i thought it might be fun to share a few snapshots of what my day to day life [usually] looks like. i might do some more installments of these since my life is an ever-changing kaleidoscope that brings up experiences and adventures i am surprised with daily. no sarcasm whatsoever.
starting my day off with some chamomile honey tea from my incredibly festive byu cup. forever a cougar.
i don’t have a table so this is my view as i lean against the counter eating my delicious oatmeal breakfast.
my desktop at work. my coworkers think i’m crazy. #hatersgonnahate
i definitely underestimated how much i could use post its. i thought i loved them before… but i knew nothing of post it love.
what it looks like when i leave work. sunlight!
stopped by tom thumb on my way home. please note the 112 degrees. what uppp.
even with the unbelievably high temperature i am wearing a long sleeve cardigan. this because my office is freezing to the point where i warm my hands with freshly printed paper.
i always check the mail before i walk in my apt. yes. that is what my actual mailbox actually looks like.
watched the gym girls completely dominate while i filed some papers. i may have cried. i don’t know. whatever. don’t look at me.
going for a run. still insane amounts of hot. [100 degrees+ at 8:30 pm]
my beautiful bed is all kinds of heavenly and is probably my favorite place in dallas. yeah. i said it.
that is my day. not included: listening to alec baldwin’s podcast on the way to work, leftover chocolate cake i thoroughly savored and enjoyed, my trip to office depot during lunch, my commute home in record time, the hour long conversation i had with anna [second one in two days], the amazing watermelon i ate with dinner. maybe next time.