baking time.

one day, i made my first cake ever of my entire life for my coworker’s one year anniversary at the company and it was from a box mix and i added a cup of fage greek yogurt instead of oil and eggs and it turned out pretty amazing and extremely moist and tasty. things i learned from this baking experience:
  1. baking should not be done alone. how am i supposed to lick the extra mix slash frosting off everything all by myself?
  2. adele and t swift are a great idea while baking. great i tell you.
  3. nothing has tested my patience like waiting for a cake to cool so i can frost it.
  4. i am terrible at frosting cakes.
  5. i am very good at cake making. from cake mix. in a box.

chevron win.

5 thoughts on “baking time.

  1. Cute! I love your cake frosting!! You're amazing at frosting cakes, lol. Such a cute idea. I think I've baked a cake once…obvisouly it wasn't a great experience because I haven't done it since, lol! Love doing lemon bars though…out of a box.

  2. Ya….you are "terrible" at frosting cakes alright….I mean only self-proclaimed "terrible" cake frosters have the talent to do a chevron pattern! You crazy, talented cake-frosting girl. Looks good and delicious. :)

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