yep, i am just going to continue being a terrible blogger by giving a bullet point post right now. sorry i’m not sorry. but i will definitely be catching up with posts in the near future. [promisepromisepromise.]

  • if we don’t all know already, my sister niki is engaged and i could not be more happy or obsessed with her future. i may have cried for half an hour when they told me. it’s fine.
  • this means i will be coming out to utah in october! i am so excited, i honestly think about it all the time. it is going to be party central and crazy times will be had by all.
  • i signed up for a half marathon, also in october. i’m pretty excited since it’s been two years [almost exactly] since my last one. and it’s in downtown dallas. cool!
  • kind of on that note, i decided to give up meat for a while. it’s not that i am against it, it’s kind of the opposite actually. i find myself eating it a lot, especially when i eat out. so i’m just going on a hiatus for an indefinite amount of time. plus it’s new. new things are fun.
  • also going off treats and fast food for a bit. i just figure this will help with the half training.
  • you better believe i pre-ordered the killers’ new album, battle born: deluxe edition. i would rather starve for a week than not have that album as soon as i possibly can. [exaggeration.] [maybe.] [no it’s not.]
  • currently obsessed with: 
    1. joshua radin [on repeat. all. the. time.] 
    2. the office [again.] [jim and pam.] [sigh.]
    3. going to bed before ten
    4. my gasbuddy app [it has definitely saved me time and money searching for the nearest, cheapest gas.]
    5. changing all my profile pictures to the same picture. clean and nice. ah.
welp. that about sums it up. and it is 9:30 and time for bed. my 6 am runs require it. [humble brag. or fishing for compliments? meh.]
also, for those who are concerned for my health and well-being, i have bought myself some sweat resistant bug spray to protect myself from the thirsty and carnivorous mosquitos carrying west nile. fear not! i am prepared. like a boy scout.

4 thoughts on “listed.

  1. Yay! Congratulations to your sister!! It's so sweet that you guys are so close and cosider each other best friends…wish I was closer to my sisters. I'm close to one and she's my mini-me. My other sisters and I just have clashing personalities and can only handle each other for short periods of time. And I feel awful about it. Maybe someday we'll be closer. And I'm excited about your marathon! I wish I had the guts and energy to do one…at least once in my life. I'm just really bad a disciplining myself and committing to a run or even a walk in the am's. I like walking before it gets dark at night :) Have fun!

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