drove to southlake to have breakfast with courtney, a byu friend who was in town for a deloitte conference at deloitte university [so official]. we found some hippos at starbucks and decided to ride them. not even ashamed of my awkward straddle.
went to the dallas farmers market with valentina, now a saturday tradition. this picture does not do it justice. more pics will come, i’m sure.
my justin bieber cd that i requested from niki niki sent for my birthday using her own free will came in the mail and i had a little victory dance party for one.
per courtney’s advice, i started my own food storage! i actually got pretty excited about it. slowly but surely i will have enough to feed an army [ahem, myself] in case of an emergency. 
[oh yeah and that is my teapot in the background that i use to boil water since i don’t have a microwave. no one takes my oatmeal and tea away from me!]

we can’t lose.

anyone who knows me could predict this post from a mile away.
the killers came out with their first single in four years yesterday called ‘runaways’ and i made it my personal goal to listen to it as many times as possible while i was at work. [what is eight hours divided by four minutes? boom.] and of course, i love it.

it starts out sounding a lot like brandon flowers’ ‘crossfire’, which makes sense since he was writing that for the killers anyway. it goes on with a hopeful feeling and then bursts into a full techno rock adventure early and keeps it up throughout the whole song.
i can see myself running to this song, blasting it in the car, or having a punch dance party for one. to put it lightly, i am obsessed and i can’t wait to see what else they have in store come fall!
[seriously though. i cannot wait. this is a slow torture i can’t get out of. this song is the closest thing to a cure. #onrepeat]

ahlin’s first honky tonk.

friday night was spent at billy bob’s: the world’s largest honky tonk.
professional bullriding. bbq. line dancing. swing dancing. signed hamburgers. semi-cowboy boots.
live music which was being recorded for a dvd. even a proposal from the lead singer.
 i think i live in texas.

fourth festivities.

a dallas fourth of july. ahlin style.
sleep in. go for a run. delicious breakfast. shower. chill.
go to a massive house in westlake with friends for a bbq and pool party. meet a former contestant of project runway? yes. eat tons of food til i die? double yes.
go to fair park for live music and massive fireworks. get a little lost walking back to the car.
fail to take any pictures of myself. oops.
i love the glittery ones! and that moon was crazy awesome too.
it’s weird to think i was in southern california last year for the fourth.
unexpected life changes are the best.

just life.

i’ve recently had an epiphany about life. buckle up. it’s about to get deep.

i’ve seen times in my life where i have thought ok when this happens everything will calm down, i’ll be able to focus on my goals more, prioritize, etc etc. it’s very easy to do and i think everyone does it. i know i have definitely thought that in the last few months. as soon as i get a job, as soon as i get out of provo, as soon as i’m away from this person. but the truth is, i’m still the same person in dallas that i was in provo. yes, some lifestyle changes have taken the place of others or gotten bigger or disappeared altogether, but i still have to make a conscious effort to not watch netflix for five hours every night and to eat well balanced meals and to shower on a normal human basis.
when i was thinking about this, a quote from one of my very favorite movies came to mind. it’s called lonesome dove and i guess it’s kind of appropriate because it takes place in texas [texas forever]. in this scene, a young girl named lorie [diane lane] is saying how much happier she’ll be once she gets to san fransisco. gus [robert duvall] then explains the following gem.

lorie darlin’, life in san francisco, you see, is still just life. if you want any one thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. the only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things, like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.

now, i don’t really know if that applies at all, but it helps me to remember to enjoy the moments as i am in them. the only consistent thing in life is change so unless i enjoy where i am and who i am, i know i will look back one day and wish i had paid more attention.