gettin crafty.

last weekend i decided to make my apartment look like an actual apartment and like an apartment that would belong to me. thanks to some great sales at michael’s and target, i was able to get tons of glitter for a dollar, a full length mirror for four dollars, a large jar of modge podge and other goodies. which, with some leftover cardboard from my massive bed box, i made a nice arrangement over my couch.
yay for glittery gold glitter. and yay for hanging things all by myself. #singleliving


this is the thing you guys. i love the olympics.
and i am always surprised by how much i love them whenever they come around. but i really do. the only way i can convey this correctly would be the order of the loves/obsessions/passions in my life:

the killers
the olympics
tv shows
food and sleep
i wish i was kidding. [no i don’t.]
so it is kind of breaking my heart that i don’t have cable right now but you better believe i am following as many twitters as i can and that i have three apps to keep me in the loop.
the 2008 olympics happened at the very end of my first summer term at byu and went through the summer break before fall. it was perfect timing. i watched michael phelps win all eight of his gold medals* and i realized the olympics is the only event that can simultaneously get me so motivated to do great things and be active as well as sit on my couch for two weeks straight watching the games. this is real life.

also who loved the opening ceremonies?! i have only watched part of it but i’d say my favorites were david beckham, kenneth brannagh, and the royals [i freaked out every time they showed kate middleton].
and of course bond. james bond.

i love the british and how they were able to capture so much of their history from shakespeare to the beatles, from james bond to mr. bean. so so fun.

yay olympics. yay motivated people. god bless america.

and good luck to all the other countries competing! yay for world togetherness.

*i saw the team race with lauren when he did that crazy flex scream thing that was hilarious and for his final race my mom and i sped from provo to st g to get there just in time. #adventures

battle born.

well. here is the music video to the killers new single ‘runaways‘.
to put it lightly, my heart has exploded.
i think if anything, this music video reveals the true rockstars that they have always been.
and brandon is wearing a leather jacket. so i am crying.
here is the album artwork. i’m kind of in love.
someone save me.

hanging out.

i love my sisters. thank you google for letting us hang out.
texas. virginia. utah.
it is kind of depressing.
have you ever tried google hangout? 
it is a must for anyone with faraway family and friends.

insta lately.

free slurpee day, cherry coke please. // i got to see my wonderful friend adam ruri! it was magical.
himym with valentina. using a cardboard box as a coffee table. classy. // ihop. yum.
it was my beautiful mother’s birthday! i miss her so.
‘twelfth night’ shakespeare in the park. // guys i got yogurtland twice last week. #worthit
tgif shoes. // got crafty with ryan. took notes from emma.

driving in.

i had my first drive in experience friday night and i have to say it was pretty amazing. two movies for six dollars [we saw the amazing spiderman and men in black 3], surround sound, lounging in the back of my car, perfectly warm night and great company. it’s sad drive ins are going extinct, i think it is such a fun experience that should be had by everyone on a regular basis. this is the american dream.

ok, who else saw spiderman and loved it? andrew garfield and emma stone are incredible. and it definitely helped that they are both adorable and dating each other in real life. ah, my heart.
mib3 was way good too. i’ve missed will smith.

sweet dreams.

so i finally finally finally, after sleeping on an air mattress for a month and my couch for a week, i finally bought a bed! it’s a queen memory foam mattress and i am absolutely in love. i got it off amazon and it was delivered two days later. i had to pick it up at the ups store and as i was dragging it back to my apartment [seriously, imagine me pulling it across the street like the crazy single girl that i am], a nice couple of guys volunteered to carry for me. high five nice people of texas.
i was so excited, squealing and talking to myself more than usual. i wish someone was there to witness the process of me cutting it open and the bed unfolding like a magical marshmallow [yes]. it was pretty awesome. this bed has made a world of difference with my back and i have a hard time getting out of bed because it is so dreamy.
cross this off my things to buy when i’m a real adult list. #checkandcheck