pick list.

this week i’ve decided to list some things that i have discovered or seen around that i’m kind of in love with. so bear with me if they are old news. or lame. but they’re not so we have nothing to worry about.
1 – [the daybook – the easiest thing you’ll ever make with apples besides apples and peanut butternow this is my idea of baking. homegirl knows how i roll.
2 – [bike life – pic of the day] honestly why is this picture the cutest thing i have ever seen? i cannot stop staring.

3 – [anonymous was a woman – road trip] i may live in texas now but i will always love my red rock.

4 – [thirty ways to celebrate yourself] i think number seventeen is my favorite. totally doing it.

5 – [the civil wars – barton hollow] kind of on a civil wars kick right now. and this song is straight crazy awesome. if you haven’t given them a serious listen, do it. seriously. i’m serious. just do it. now.

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