the haps in instas – part two

another set of my dallas life in instagrams. almost finished playing catch up…

1- waffle house wednesday. it’s a thing and it’s happening. i love the waffle house. it’s so southern and i love feeling like basically every movie i have seen with a diner in it is correct. it’s amazing.

2 – one friday night i went with some friends to fort worth to see the fort worth symphony play in the fort worth botanic garden. that night the theme was star wars and beyond. needless to say, it was kind of incredible. it was my heaven. picnic, trees, music, summer, fireworks, even a laser light show. i was in awe at my life that night.

3 – i bought and cut my first watermelon last week. it was quite an exciting experience. it probably took me an hour to cut and has lasted me a while. new snack i love: cold watermelon and kettle corn. just do it. you can thank me later.

4 – saturday we had a ward pool party and bbq. with the 99 degrees plus humidity, it was a good way to spend the afternoon.


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