the haps in instas – part one

my singles ward here in dallas is extremely social. there are a lot of new people like myself who just want to meet others and have a good time. it’s been super helpful in making new friends and discovering things about texas. i’ve taken instagrams of most of these occurrences so i’m just going to recap in a couple posts of these haps…
1 – tacos are a big thing here guys. like, taco shops are everywhere. taco shops in dallas are like froyo shops in provo. but they are delicious and i had my first experience at the rusty taco my first friday night with a group of friends. they were awesome and cheap and the good company didn’t hurt either.
2 – the next morning i helped clean the church and then we all went out for brunch at breadwinners. which was a winner. i had some amazing french toast and it was in uptown dallas at this super hip and busy place. i love living in a city.
3 – that night i went with a group of friends to six flags. and it. was. AWESOME. it was my first time to six flags ever. ever ever. i love roller coasters and superheroes so i was kind of in heaven and extremely giddy. it’s only a half hour away so we all got season passes and you know we will be making it a regular summer occurrence.
4 – dallas is crazy green and i absolutely love it. i eat lunch behind my office building sometimes and the trees are tall and full and the bugs are loud and it is kind of perfect.

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