road trip for two.

so i’m going to do some catch up for the last three weeks. hold on tight.
my dad drove me to dallas. we left thursday morning and arrived late saturday afternoon. i got pink eye [what?! yes.] the first night and was basically a sick sad mess the rest of the time. shout out to my daddy-o for taking care of me while my eye was in pain, when my throat got sore, and when i was too achy to move. he was a trooper through the groaning and moaning.
my entire life. in the fit. and it all fits.
 lake powell.
 in new mexico with my new mexico sweater. winning.
 stopped in durango, co for dinner and a show. it was pretty awesome! then i got pink eye.
ate one of these bad boys on our eleven hour drive.
 stayed in oklahoma city and saw the memorial there. pretty cool and sad. 
 home sweet home. ps it was so hot, but sweats were the only thing i felt like wearing. being sick makes me delusional you guys.
yay road trips.

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