so there was this one time when i turned twenty two in dallas.

and it was awesome.
last wednesday [the 20th… mark your calendars for future reference. jk. not really.] was my birthday. and i turned twenty two. and it was so great. i was kind of worried celebrating my birthday so soon after moving to a foreign land but it was actually kind of amazing. i received many a text and tweet and facebook message and phone call and email [thanks gold’s, you know i’m not a member any more, right?]. i was definitely feeling the love. i even had a package from my aunt waiting for me on my porch when i got home from work.
so the day. i will tell you about it. i woke up, went for a run and took a shower [i want to start of the year on a nice clean note, ya know?] before work. my coworkers took me to lunch to ihop because i was really feeling some breakfast food. no judging. 
when i got home from work i just chilled for a bit before some friends came and picked me up for dinner. we met a group at an asian fusion cafe called asian mint and it was delicious. they had some dang good thai food [my favorite] and they even brought some ice cream out and sang to me! it was awesome.
after that we went to a friend’s apartment for some crazy amazing costco chocolate cake and ice cream. oh my goodness. it was incredible. and huge. i ate it for days. no joke. i had it for breakfast and or dinner for like four days. single living for the win. they also gave me a $50 gift card to world market to buy some things for my apartment! 
all in all, it was amazing and i could not have asked for a better birthday. well i guess if everyone i loved was with me that would have been cool too… but you get the point.
 thank you everyone for the incredible day!

pick list.

this week i’ve decided to list some things that i have discovered or seen around that i’m kind of in love with. so bear with me if they are old news. or lame. but they’re not so we have nothing to worry about.
1 – [the daybook – the easiest thing you’ll ever make with apples besides apples and peanut butternow this is my idea of baking. homegirl knows how i roll.
2 – [bike life – pic of the day] honestly why is this picture the cutest thing i have ever seen? i cannot stop staring.

3 – [anonymous was a woman – road trip] i may live in texas now but i will always love my red rock.

4 – [thirty ways to celebrate yourself] i think number seventeen is my favorite. totally doing it.

5 – [the civil wars – barton hollow] kind of on a civil wars kick right now. and this song is straight crazy awesome. if you haven’t given them a serious listen, do it. seriously. i’m serious. just do it. now.

the haps in instas – part two

another set of my dallas life in instagrams. almost finished playing catch up…

1- waffle house wednesday. it’s a thing and it’s happening. i love the waffle house. it’s so southern and i love feeling like basically every movie i have seen with a diner in it is correct. it’s amazing.

2 – one friday night i went with some friends to fort worth to see the fort worth symphony play in the fort worth botanic garden. that night the theme was star wars and beyond. needless to say, it was kind of incredible. it was my heaven. picnic, trees, music, summer, fireworks, even a laser light show. i was in awe at my life that night.

3 – i bought and cut my first watermelon last week. it was quite an exciting experience. it probably took me an hour to cut and has lasted me a while. new snack i love: cold watermelon and kettle corn. just do it. you can thank me later.

4 – saturday we had a ward pool party and bbq. with the 99 degrees plus humidity, it was a good way to spend the afternoon.


the haps in instas – part one

my singles ward here in dallas is extremely social. there are a lot of new people like myself who just want to meet others and have a good time. it’s been super helpful in making new friends and discovering things about texas. i’ve taken instagrams of most of these occurrences so i’m just going to recap in a couple posts of these haps…
1 – tacos are a big thing here guys. like, taco shops are everywhere. taco shops in dallas are like froyo shops in provo. but they are delicious and i had my first experience at the rusty taco my first friday night with a group of friends. they were awesome and cheap and the good company didn’t hurt either.
2 – the next morning i helped clean the church and then we all went out for brunch at breadwinners. which was a winner. i had some amazing french toast and it was in uptown dallas at this super hip and busy place. i love living in a city.
3 – that night i went with a group of friends to six flags. and it. was. AWESOME. it was my first time to six flags ever. ever ever. i love roller coasters and superheroes so i was kind of in heaven and extremely giddy. it’s only a half hour away so we all got season passes and you know we will be making it a regular summer occurrence.
4 – dallas is crazy green and i absolutely love it. i eat lunch behind my office building sometimes and the trees are tall and full and the bugs are loud and it is kind of perfect.

first day.

so my first day of work was three weeks ago today. i was so nervous but excited and eager to get started. my dad drove me to work and i hardly said a word the whole way. basically i was just trying to keep my breathing under control. plus i was still sick and i was still unable to wear makeup that entire week because of the pink eye eye drops i was using. so that was super cool.
anyway, i started off the day with a shower and a superb breakfast, as well as my favorite pandora station. pandora always knows what’s up.
my first day went great and i really like the people i work with. they are super chill and really nice. so i liked them from the beginning. after work my dad and i drove by the lds temple and then went on a hunt for a car. i was completely beat by the end of the day but i would say it was a huge success!
i am loving this texas sky, that is for sure.

dad in dallas.

having my dad bring me out here and stay a few days was so helpful. times infinity. i actually don’t know what i was thinking trying to do it without him. he was able to get me started with a few essentials and it was nice to make a few memories here with someone i love. we did a lot of packing, driving, moving, resting, and my dad even got some sports time in at applebee’s. yay.
my dad can sleep anywhere in any position. it’s crazy. crazy awesome.
my view at applebee’s. ha.
thanks again for everything dad!

road trip for two.

so i’m going to do some catch up for the last three weeks. hold on tight.
my dad drove me to dallas. we left thursday morning and arrived late saturday afternoon. i got pink eye [what?! yes.] the first night and was basically a sick sad mess the rest of the time. shout out to my daddy-o for taking care of me while my eye was in pain, when my throat got sore, and when i was too achy to move. he was a trooper through the groaning and moaning.
my entire life. in the fit. and it all fits.
 lake powell.
 in new mexico with my new mexico sweater. winning.
 stopped in durango, co for dinner and a show. it was pretty awesome! then i got pink eye.
ate one of these bad boys on our eleven hour drive.
 stayed in oklahoma city and saw the memorial there. pretty cool and sad. 
 home sweet home. ps it was so hot, but sweats were the only thing i felt like wearing. being sick makes me delusional you guys.
yay road trips.