i’ve got a crush on you.

people i have random and not as pronounced crushes on:
tom hiddleston
like loki from thor. and f scott fitzgerald from midnight in paris.
i follow him on twitter and, i don’t know, i just think he is so adorable and down to earth. have i seen the avengers yet? no. don’t remind me. but please partake in this hilarious interview slash video so you all know what i mean when i say lokiiiii’d!!!
matthew perry
probably because of chandler bing from friends. or maybe because he is the old version of zac efron (see 17 again). i just love him so much. i also follow matthew on twitter and i think i get more excited for his tweets than anyone else’s. he is probably in the top ten celebrities i would want to meet. and he’s coming out with a new show! who’s excited? this guy. girl. i’m a girl.
seth meyers
i kind of think he is adorable. from weekend update to new year’s eve, i just want to listen to his wit and stare at his blazingly beautiful smile. all day. everyday. slash be his best friend.
my friends have been watching all the star treks and i have tagged along a couple times… and i have come to the conclusion that between spock’s deep voice and his tortured logical soul, you just cannot go wrong. and don’t even get me started on his eyebrows. i would live long and prosper with him for eternity.

One thought on “i’ve got a crush on you.

  1. haha oh my gosh. i TOTALLY have a crush on tom hiddleston. what a cutie! i was just texting two of my friends last week and they agree. he's a hunk.

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