how to be awesome while looking for a job:

sit outside in the beautiful weather and contemplate life’s elusive mysteries.
 go crazy at the local library. i know i sure did. there will definitely be a few renewals coming up.
see ‘the lucky one’. twice, if you so desire. i can neither confirm nor deny that happened and that it was just as great, if not better, the second time. #zacefron4life
 hang out with your roommate’s dog. because she will love you no matter what.
and i definitely just watched this whole video.
red hair. green eyes. ftw.

go forth to serve.

so technically i graduated in december… but since they don’t have ceremonies then, i walked with the april graduates. and even though i haven’t been taking classes for the last four months, it wasn’t until i was in my cap and gown with my closest friends and family before i felt like it was actually over.
i would like to give a huge and sincere thank you to all who supported, encouraged, fed, and listened to me in the last four years. i couldn’t have done this without the loving support of my friends and family, and even some super nice strangers. byu was an experience i will never forget. i have enough memories to last a lifetime and i have met the most amazing people who have become my byu family and very best friends.
i have grown closer to my heavenly father in ways i didn’t know was possible. i trust that as i move forward and progress, i will never be alone and will be taught different things i need to learn. i am ready for whatever comes. i can do hard things.
now for the pictures. i’m not even going to pretend that there aren’t a lot.
and the credit goes to beautiful lauren. thanks sis.
now let’s all take a second and realize how handsome david is. really though.

magic soaking my spine

lately i have felt a hole in my soul that can only be fixed by the killers, specifically their new album which isn’t due out for at least six more months. recently watching them perform on the oc circa 2004 just about gave me a heart attack of joy and i also remembered it has been a year since the last time i saw brandon perform live. so, i have resorted to looking up videos and i decided to share some for your pleasure. 
bless you brandon. and your face.

i took a trip.

like a month ago. i guess this is kind of late… oh well.
hung out in c bad and helped my dad pack up his house.
he found his cast he wore 30 years ago. nice.
he gave me his camera he got for his high school graduation in 1974. cool!
we spent some time with baby cruz. love those cheeks.
got some authentic mexican food and met up with my cute uncle.
drove to arizona where i went to a spring training game. i love baseball season.
pretty desert.

the ship of dreams. in 3D.

if anyone has talked to me in the last few weeks, i’m sure you heard how excited i was for the rerelease of ‘titanic’ in 3D. i mean, even the ads on my ‘scramble with friends’ game knew it.
 we pre-ordered tickets and planned to go wednesday at the mammoth theatre at thanksgiving point. then i got the worst text of my life a couple hours before it started. i may have had a mini tantrum in the middle of university avenue.
 boo. it’s ok though. we ended up going to a different theatre. this was my attire…
yes, i did in fact have this laying around. i had been waiting for this exact occasion to wear it.
needless to say, it was amazing. best three and a half hours of my life. we ended with some interpretive dancing and karaoke to celine dion’s ‘my heart will go on.’ pure genius.
then we saw this red velvet throne, so we had to takes pictures with it, obvi.
we will never let go of the journey we went on with titanic. never let go…

this one time.

i stood on a frozen lake.
 and played hanging with friends with matt schinn.
and warned mark to not walk to the light.
 and went to ward temple night.
 but it was too busy so we went to jordan river instead.
 and i got mexican hot chocolate. it was delish.
the end.