what i do.

with so much time on my hands, people are always asking me what i do. well i will tell you.

job search.
taught myself how to juggle.
practice juggling.
learned how to make paper cranes.
read actual books.
have dance parties for one.
run outside.
watched the extended LOTR trilogy.
make art.
cheer for my roommates before they take tests.
go on walks.
take naps.
play with my roommate’s puppy.

basically i do what everyone else wishes they could be doing. minus the job search slash figuring out my future part.


    3 thoughts on “what i do.

    1. me: so ahlin learned how to juggle. hannah: really? how?me: youtube.hannah: 3 or 4 balls?me: 3. hannah: hmm. impressive … why do our sisters give such nonchalant responses?!

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