tears for candy.

merry leap day to us all.

i don’t even remember what i did last leap day. or when it was.
knowing me, i would use today to do something cool. or something i think is cool, at least.

but i don’t think that will happen.
nope, today is for a yummy breakfast, maybe a run outside [if it stops snowing?], babysitting, reading, and a leap day relief society activity in alpine. maybe i’ll get crazy and put some makeup on today.

also, my phone is completely dead. and it’s not coming back.


what i do.

with so much time on my hands, people are always asking me what i do. well i will tell you.

job search.
taught myself how to juggle.
practice juggling.
learned how to make paper cranes.
read actual books.
have dance parties for one.
run outside.
watched the extended LOTR trilogy.
make art.
cheer for my roommates before they take tests.
go on walks.
take naps.
play with my roommate’s puppy.

basically i do what everyone else wishes they could be doing. minus the job search slash figuring out my future part.


    l for love. and leah. and le sigh.

    here are some instas from my valentine’s day 2012 experience.
    treated myself to some of my favorite chocolate. delish.
    maybe my roommate’s boyfriend gave her a puppy for v day. maybe he’s the perfect man. maybe the puppy’s name is bear and she filled the heart shaped hole in chest. maybe. maybe not. i don’t know.
    leah and i made pizza! with pepperoni! shaped in a heart!
    then we ate red velvet cupcakes! 
    then leah bought me yogurtland! leah is pretty.
    so was my yogurtland. yum.
    at the end of the night i realized i hadn’t watched a chick flick all day. so i righted that wrong and threw in moulin rouge. 
    ewan sang to my soul and it was good.
    i would just like to thank kyle for sharing leah with me again this valentine’s day. that was very generous of him. oh wait. he was in nyc having a grand time. never mind. no pity for you.

    out of touch.

    well, i don’t have a phone right now. which is awesome. maybe in a couple days i will have it back.

    between losing my voice last week and breaking my phone this week, i have a feeling someone is trying to tell me to stop talking so much. which is weird because most days i go well into the afternoon before i speak to anyone [not including myself].

    so. in case of emergency, there is always email. and twitter. and facebook. yep.


    just call me ariel.

    yesterday was the first time i was able to talk above a whisper since tuesday night. what the what? how does that even happen? i do not know. my six day long sore throat ended on friday but my voice has yet to recover. i couldn’t even call my mother to complain and beg her to come take care of me. now i just sound like a dying cat/frog/cow/man. lame. 
    so how did i cope with the painful swallow and utter exhaustion?
    pajamas, no make up, netflix [specifically downton abbey and north & south], books, blankets and tonzzz of tea.

    put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this.

    happy birthday to my amazing father who i love dearly. 
    i would most definitely not be who i am and where i am today if it weren’t for him.
    it’s always a good time when grandpa comes to town.
     this one is my favorite.
    nice shirt, dad. i wonder who gave that to you. they must have great taste and know that plaid is in and that green matches your [our] green eyes extremely well and stuff. cool.

    i only super bowl for the food.

    after giving a super relief society lesson on sunday, i hitched a ride up to draper for the super bowl. i may have had to ask who was playing. and who won. what can i say. i’m not on top of the nfl this year [slash ever].
    thank you danny duke for the good eats, nice seats, and great company, including mine bestie, sarahmaines. needless to say, it was good times and there was much needed catching up.
    when i got back to provo, i found myself on a couch being serenaded by these two lovely men. 
    thanks guys. you will go far in life.

    therapy by crafting. and netflix.

    this weekend, anna helped me overcome my ocd slash fear of using pretty paper. i have had this issue for years and this was the first time i was able to face it head on and win. after much debate and driving around, anna helped me see the ridiculousness that was me buying new paper instead of using the cute paper i already had [and have had for over a year]. thanks anna!
    then i dedicated my saturday to making awesome invites and watching downton abbey. maybe the entire first season. idk.
    that night, leslie finished up the invites while i wrote my lesson for relief society. and made super cute handouts [with the same paper]. and listened to the most amazing valentine’s playlist ever. i’d say it was a successful saturday.
    aren’t these stamps amazing? they matched the invites perfectly.

    life as a college graduate.

    you must be wondering what i have been doing with all this wonderful free time i have now that i have no school [or work…please bless]. well, i will tell you. it has not been ill spent. for the most part.
    hit up park city with some friends. no celeb sightings though. don’t remind me.
    brought out the jb calendar . bean museum fun with the kiddos. i had to put on a brave face for a snake sighting
    new shoes. thank you santa for my tj maxx gift card . some relaxation inspiration
     a birthday dinner and some bff chats with leslie and sarah.
     date night with the men’s volleyball team . best mug ever
    relief society meeting… guess which treats are mine . fhe with niki #bestever
     and would you look at that. it’s official.

    it’s raining, men.

    i have recently become obsessed with old men. yes. i just said those words.
    harrison ford. 
    homeboy knows what’s up. he had me at ‘uh, everything’s fine, situation normal’ in star wars and ‘i hate snakes!’ as indiana jones. basically he is the ultimate bad a slash good guy and i love him for it. if i ever tell a guy i love him and he responds ‘i know’, i will marry him on the spot, no questions asked. also, archeologists are now at the top of my list of people i need to date asap.
    robert redford. 
    before there was brad pitt, there was robert redford. (although, the resemblance is uncanny). robert’s perfectly coiffed hair, intellectual spirit, and variety of characters make for a man you cannot deny. he is a baseball genius in the natural, a smooth swindler in the sting, and the cowboy i would like to take me away in butch cassidy and the sundance kid. and then he gives michelle pfeiffer a foot massage in up close and personal. stop it right now.
    colin firth. 
    there is a reason that it was divinely decided long ago that colin firth should play mr. darcy. honestly, if you have not seen the bbc version of pride and prejudice, do yourself a favor and buy some ice cream, pizza, a super soft blanket, and set aside five hours as soon as humanly possible in order to right this wrong. and then do not even get me started on the king’s speech, the importance of being earnest, love actually, and what a girl wants.
    the end.