insta break.

here is a collection of randoms from my time in st g. fun fun.
beautiful jade . gina joining in the conversation
tracky boy playing guitar with george . lego christmas train
favorite: a muppet’s christmas carol . christmas treat tradition
my new earrings i am slightly in love with . david or ‘obi-wan gay-nobi’. nice.
sherlock holmes . david loves hanging out with all girls
loving harrison right now . elephant shortcut rocked it in southern utah
my christmas craft . i caught david smiling in his sophisticated look
wrapped gina in plastic and left her . used my pedicure gift certificate. thanks santa!

 new boots!!! my other ones were literally falling apart . scrabble knows.
ringing in the new year with some vintage dp . sunday tights and leah’s pumps…


christmas day.

we had church at nine on christmas so we decided to do stockings and presents after sacrament meeting. it wasn’t too hard of a wait [um…] because we are old and mature [ummm…]. we took some pics in our [matching] church clothes while santa set up the stockings and before we jumped back into our christmas pj’s. basically i love my family.
i love my new books, movies, and iphone case. my family loves me. a lot.


how have your new year’s resolutions been going? i know i am feeling super great about mine. yes, it has only been a week but i’m doing things i wasn’t doing a week ago so i am just going to own that success.

one of my goals is to rediscover my love for reading. i have a lot to catch up on and i do not get to use the lame excuse of school anymore as to why i never read. i have compiled a list from gina’s bookshelf and i have already started on it.

i just finished extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer. it was really great, i loved the writing style and the honesty. now i am reading black dogs by ian mcewan, one of my favorite authors. i love his use of words and descriptions, i have never been in such awe by the writing instead of the story.

i will post what i am reading on my sidebar as i read each book on my list. if you have any suggestions, let me know. getting a library card is high on my list of ‘things i need to do when i get back to provo.’



here are some stragglers from my instagram from before the break:
i love catching the sunrise.
my freshman friend conlan. he is an incredible pianist, i was so excited to watch him.
i checked out the behive bazaar, there was some amazing stuff there.
my holiday party outfit. what up.
i am a recently massive fan of poms. get in mah bellay.
ice cream at fhe. delish.

pj party

christmas eve we had a pj party. and it was amazing. 
from ‘hottie’ shirts to serious david pics to twinner sisters, i deem this year a win.
iphone camera + poor lighting = amazing photo quality

adios muchacho.

well twentyeleven is ending and it’s about time. honestly, craziest year of my life. and that is not an invitation for twentytwelve to yell out ‘challenge accepted!‘ and prove me wrong. this year has been great but it is time to say goodbye.
it is crazy to see how much has changed from twentyten. here are some happenings, highlights, and discoveries from this year:
prison break . the office . parks and rec . vampire diaries . 30 rock . once upon a time . new girl
never say never . something borrowed . crazy stupid love . jane eyre . tangled
details in the fabric by jason mraz . u smile by justin bieber . even if it breaks your heart by will hoge
taxi cab by vampire weekend . time won’t let you go by the bravery . what the hell by avril lavigne
somebody that i used to know by gotye . someone like you by adele . paradise by coldplay
pandora . twitter . tumblr . pinterest . words with friends . instagram . vimeo
be kind 2012. it’s going to be a hellofa year.