virginia is for lovers.

here are a few instagrams from my virginia trip. a little late, i know, but it is still my favorite memory of 2012 thus far!
flying out of vegas. definitely listened to the killers. nbd.
i always feel like fergie when i board planes from outside. #glamorous
food lion. just as great as it sounds.
chillin’ at the library on campus while gina worked.
i took some lovely evening walks in the woods while i was there. so pretty.
waffle house. one am. nuff said.
foamhenge. yes. foamhenge. i hope you are as amazed as i was.

2 thoughts on “virginia is for lovers.

  1. waffle house. haha. there are SO many of those in georgia and i finally braved the scary ghetto-look of them and went! Not too bad!p.s. we're cool college grads. lets hang out sometime.

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