poor people adventure.

 the day before i left gina drove me around and showed me some of the sights.
like foamhenge.
and merlin.
and the natural bridge that we didn’t want to pay to hike to so we tried to see it from the top.
this is what it looks like. this is what we saw:
they put up a fence around it. they really do not want you to enjoy that bridge without paying for it.
i love my snister.

virginia is for lovers.

here are a few instagrams from my virginia trip. a little late, i know, but it is still my favorite memory of 2012 thus far!
flying out of vegas. definitely listened to the killers. nbd.
i always feel like fergie when i board planes from outside. #glamorous
food lion. just as great as it sounds.
chillin’ at the library on campus while gina worked.
i took some lovely evening walks in the woods while i was there. so pretty.
waffle house. one am. nuff said.
foamhenge. yes. foamhenge. i hope you are as amazed as i was.

the universe is conspiring in your favor.

the other morning i was reading the book of mormon and i came upon this scripture in alma 26:27.

Now when our hearts were depressed, and we were about to turn back, behold, the Lord comforted us, and said: Go… and bear with patience thine afflictions, and I will give unto you success.

getting a job has been my number one concern for quite some time and, needless to say, is definitely the source of severe stress and a few emotional meltdowns. there have been more times than i am proud of when i get myself thinking that i am all alone and howcanthispossiblyworkoutandwhatonearthistobecomeofme. it is only human and natural. which also makes it foolish.

when these thoughts come up, i usually try talking it out with my friends and family. and sometimes strangers. and new acquaintances… what can i say, i get desperate. but nothing is ever quite as comforting as the reassurance i get from daily prayer and scripture study. it is only recently that i have realized the importance of these simple commandments. the lds folk are taught to make this a daily habit before we even learn to speak or read, and it is not all for nothing. there is truly a huge difference in my day to day life because of this simple habit. i find myself happier and more hopeful. i love every day. i have learned that every day can be great and be used for growth, learning, and serving others. i am so grateful to have a book and connection to my heavenly father that makes daily living not only endurable but enjoyable.

i know there are people out there of all ages who truly do not have the hope to face one more day. i am here to tell you that there is hope. someone does have you and your best interests in mind. we are given very limited vision of the future and because of that we just have to trust that as we do our best, as we strive to make each day a part of our growth and progression by helping those around us and improving ourselves in the now, everything will work out in a more beautiful way that we can possibly imagine.

so, with this mindset, i have decided that while i apply for jobs and do everything i can to achieve that goal, i have to let go and not worry about what i cannot control. this means enjoying the fact that i don’t have to go to work everyday, i don’t have to stress about being somewhere at a certain time. i can focus on doing things i love, like reading, showering at any time of day, and playing with friends without worrying about homework that needed to be done yesterday. i choose to prepare what i can, enjoy now and recognize the good in every day.


happy birthday sera!

happy 22nd birthday to my very best friend, sarah maines [almost duke]!
there is little that i haven’t said already, but know that your presence in my life is a blessing that could never be replaced, destroyed, or distanced. this college life has been an adventure and i am glad we could spend it together. there is so much in store for us, together and individually. i know there will be no bigger fans of gmail, twitter, texts, googledocs, vimeo, and facetime as us. no one rocks long distance friendships like we do.
exciting things are afoot for troy and abed, rachel and monica, the wolf pack.

the district sleeps alone tonight.

while i was in virginia visiting gina, we took a day and went to dc. it was so fun and i loved every minute of it. everything was so classic and cool and perfect. i need to be there. new goal.
it was a beautiful day, so nice for january. we had lunch near dupont circle and then met up with my old roomie lindsay as we toured some of the monuments. after that we visited the holocaust museum, which was incredible. we said peace to the president, ate some east coast cafe rio, and then split.
the mlk memorial is brand new and so cool. happy martin luther king day!
‘out of the mountain of despair, a stone of hope’
‘i was a drum major for justice, peace and righteousness’
i deem this day a success. now i need to make my dream a reality.

sixty five.

it was so nice in st g over christmas break. at least sixty to sixty five degrees everyday. that is very high when you come from the frigid cold mountains and fear for snow and ice everyday. i will have to face actual winter this week, trying not to think about it…
anyway, my mom and i took advantage of the beautiful shining sun with a hike and some tennis watching.
david is the next roger federer.

insta break.

here is a collection of randoms from my time in st g. fun fun.
beautiful jade . gina joining in the conversation
tracky boy playing guitar with george . lego christmas train
favorite: a muppet’s christmas carol . christmas treat tradition
my new earrings i am slightly in love with . david or ‘obi-wan gay-nobi’. nice.
sherlock holmes . david loves hanging out with all girls
loving harrison right now . elephant shortcut rocked it in southern utah
my christmas craft . i caught david smiling in his sophisticated look
wrapped gina in plastic and left her . used my pedicure gift certificate. thanks santa!

 new boots!!! my other ones were literally falling apart . scrabble knows.
ringing in the new year with some vintage dp . sunday tights and leah’s pumps…


christmas day.

we had church at nine on christmas so we decided to do stockings and presents after sacrament meeting. it wasn’t too hard of a wait [um…] because we are old and mature [ummm…]. we took some pics in our [matching] church clothes while santa set up the stockings and before we jumped back into our christmas pj’s. basically i love my family.
i love my new books, movies, and iphone case. my family loves me. a lot.


how have your new year’s resolutions been going? i know i am feeling super great about mine. yes, it has only been a week but i’m doing things i wasn’t doing a week ago so i am just going to own that success.

one of my goals is to rediscover my love for reading. i have a lot to catch up on and i do not get to use the lame excuse of school anymore as to why i never read. i have compiled a list from gina’s bookshelf and i have already started on it.

i just finished extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer. it was really great, i loved the writing style and the honesty. now i am reading black dogs by ian mcewan, one of my favorite authors. i love his use of words and descriptions, i have never been in such awe by the writing instead of the story.

i will post what i am reading on my sidebar as i read each book on my list. if you have any suggestions, let me know. getting a library card is high on my list of ‘things i need to do when i get back to provo.’