it was just mom, dave, david, and me for thanksgiving which was super fun and chill. we ate a delicious breakfast complete with mom’s delectable orange rolls and pumpkin pancakes, david’s famous eggs and ham, dave’s amazing ham, potato, and pepper jack concoction, and my crazy awesome eating skills.
 after some naps, mom and i went for a walk. it was so beautiful and warm. thank you southern utah.
 then we started with the dinner preparations. mom basically owned everything. it was amazing. i did put the turkey in the oven though #whatup. and i made the marshmallow brown sugar sweet potatoes which turned out pretty amazing, i’m not gonna lie.
another successful thanksgiving meal! so delicious, and i didn’t even get a picture of my mom’s homemade apple pie, which is probably my favorite pie ever [after pumpkin]. and it helped with my post thanksgiving morning tradition, pie for breakfast! every year. best self tradition ever.


so i know my blogging skills have been weak as of late… for the past few months. but i got some good pics and had some fun times in st george over thanksgiving break so there should be plenty of material for me to work with! school ends in a few weeks [for forever. just need to keep reminding people, including myself] and then i will be back in st g for some more good times!
here are a few pics to tide you over. it’s off to bed for me. here’s to decent bedtimes!
some yummy treats, a little painting, and extremely intense scrabble. more to come..


tomorrow… today… tuesday i get to go home to st george for thanksgiving break. i’m so excited i can’t even start packing, i just want to be there already. i should have gone to to sleep a while ago but i’m already in vacation mode. so excited to spend some quality with the fam [aka david, mom, and dave].
for fhe we made gratitude hand turkeys. this is one of my favorite thanksgiving activities. i always like to have fun with it.
i am grateful for my family. netflix. cafe rio. working out. boots. my leather jacket. the internetz. my ward. answered prayers. transportation. lifelong friends. button up shirts. the book of mormon. my phone. sleeping in. water. strawberry chapstick. pretzel m&m’s. opportunities. nice people. faith. root beer. going on walks. black leggings. the killers. mascara. tv shows. bagels and hot chocolate. naps. books. quiet sunsets. lotion. car rides. money. cologne. chocolate covered cinnamon bears. making new friends. mountains. new beginnings. super cool quotes. laughing really hard. peanut butter. 2010 list. 2009 list.

single digits.

my lovely friend anna pointed out yesterday at lunch that the number of classes i have left are in the single digits.
for the rest of my life.

i keep forgetting slash it’s kind of hard to wrap my brain around. i’ve been going to school since 1995. that is sixteen years. SIXTEEN. YEARS. do you know what has happened since 1995?

– basically all ten seasons of friends
– the very first pixar movie
– 9/11
– all things harry potter
– dvds
– a royal divorce, a royal death, and a royal marriage
– the iPod
– the rise and fall and [debatable] rise again of britney spears
– netflix. netflix forever.

yeah. life isn’t the same as it was in 1995. how will i know how to live without school in this changed world? i have been trying to tap into the memories of my five year old self but it’s just not the same.

gone are the days of dress up and hanging out with gina all day every day. no more fairy house making and watching oklahoma every morning. no longer can i waste the day away playing hide-and-go-seek or dancing around all over the house in my underwear [actually… debatable]. i have traded it all in for job searching, paying the bills, going to the gym, and debating what i should and shouldn’t eat. my newfound activities are going to weddings, grocery shopping, and making sure i’m being social instead of hanging out with me, myself, and netflix. i call things i like ‘guilty pleasures’ instead of just owning it.

adult life is sounding really lame. but it’s not, right? no, it’s pretty sweet. being an adult means progressing, growing, learning. i can make friends from all over the country, all over the world. i can choose who to be and how to be. being myself isn’t any harder than it was when i was five, it just is if i make it that way.

so here’s to the future. the changes are coming. and they are craaazy. but also awesome. and i’m super excited about it. i like who i am and where i am and where i’m going. wherever that is. this is real life.



i was a little stressed out about what to do for 11/11/11. at first i thought i shouldn’t worry about it. just write it off as another day. then i thought, no! this day only happens once in a lifetime and i want to tell my kids the awesome stuff i did on that day [yes, they will care]. i even did all my homework on thursday so i would be completely free to do what i want. but i couldn’t really get past the idea that this would be an ideal time to have a man to do these things with me. what cool stuff can i do by myself?

then, while i was at work on friday, it hit me. treat yo’ self. i am single and free to do whatever i want! time to take complete advantage and treat myself. and for those who don’t watch parks and recreation, first, repent, then, watch these:

so i came up with eleven things to do to treat myself. and of course it was awesome and i documented all of them.

one: buy chocolate covered cinnamon bears. because they are byu’s greatest asset. and i love them. and if you love me you will buy them for me when i no longer have access to the byu bookstore. i ate eleven of them. but i may or may not have consumed the entire bag over the weekend…
two: go to the gym. for as little or as long as i want. because i like it. among other things, i ran for 11 minutes and 11 seconds, upon sarahmaines suggestion. she is so brilliant.
three: do a honey face mask. after i showered, i put honey on my face and it was awesome. it made my face feel so clean. the first and last time i did this was ten years ago in achievement days. teaching natural remedies at a young age. #ldsyouthprogramsftw
four: wear my favorite clothes. not like, wear five different shirts, i just wore an outfit that was awesome. a green shirt under my denim button up with black leggings, boots, peacock feather earrings, and my leather jacket. and i looked gooood. definitely sartorialist worthy. yeah, i went there.
five: watch the sun set from a high place. the clouds kind of botched my original plan, but i went up anyway, sat in the y mountain parking lot in the back of my car and drank hot chocolate. it was way nice and beautiful and quiet. and the back of the fit is incredibly huge. seriously, i could chill back there all day.
 six: compile and listen to the perfect playlist. i did this while i was atop the mountain. and i very much succeeded. i was rocking out all night from avril to jay z to hsm 3 to iron & wine. i put songs on there that made me think of specific memories or had a certain emotion attached to it. it is truly an amazing playlist. here is just a taste:
seven: eat cafe rio for dinner! this gets an exclamation point because it is extremely important. i love cafe rio. lovvvve. i will base my future moving decisions on traveling distance to cafe rio. you think i kid.
eight: go to barnes & noble, look around, smell the books, and read. i can never justify going to bookstores for no reason [especially since there is always a strong pull on my wallet] so i decided to go and mosey around for fun, as well as read a few pages from my favorite book. and eat chocolate covered cinnamon bears.
nine: visit the nan. i only had eight items on the list when i started so when i got an email from my grandma while i was out, i thought, duh, how could i not go visit her? all she does is say how wonderful i am and offer me food. so i surprised her, rubbed her neck, looked at some pictures with her, and she gave me some cheese. win. win. win.
ten: watch vampire diaries without shame or guilt. what would my perfect day be if i didn’t watch some tv, really though? i had one more episode in order to catch up so i decided to watch it and completely soak it in, without worrying about the homework i should be doing, sleep i should be getting, or what my roommates were thinking [which is definitely that i’m an obsessed crazy].
eleven: not get ready for bed. in a perfect world, i would never have to get ready for bed. it is honestly the bane of my existence. i still had to come up with one more way to treat myself and as i got home thinking how much i didn’t want to get ready for bed, i thought, treat yo’ self! so my toothbrush and face wash stayed in the drawer where they belong. that’s right.
me at 11/11/11 11:11.
disclaimer: i know it looks like i gained a hundred pounds. really i’m just wearing a jacket. yeah.
it was pretty much the best day ever. can’t wait til next year [12/12/12?]. i highly recommend that you
treat yo’ self!

lately as of late.

not registering for classes. for the first time in four years.
finding a job in provo. oh yeah, i’m staying in provo next semester. woot.
pinterest. forever pinterest. i just want to make food all the time. please.
listening to the prophet. i love byu.
there’s been some snow. so that’s fun.
went to yogurtland for the first time in a month. yum.
basically i wear boots and my leather jacket everyday. i’m hardcore.
i graduate in five weeks. what? yes.
lots and lots and lots of vampire diaries. because, well, hello.
that is all.

i was walking far from home.

byu has this amazing path that goes half way around campus.
i think it’s so pretty. i usually use it when i’m walking home. it takes a little longer but it’s just so picturesque. i feel like i have a little piece of my ideal heaven with me. i usually see a couple deer too. and who doesn’t love deer?


my 2011 halloween experience according to my iphone.
 pumpkin smash jamba, get in my bellaaay.
my roommate’s mom sent her [us] a treat coffin, so so cute.
i don’t want to talk about how many of these pretzel sweets i made and subsequently consumed. i blame pinterest.
little track and laken. so freaking adorable. there’s nothing much better than kids in costumes.
happy birthday leslie! the big 2 1. [yummy funfetti cake by danny and sarah]
halloween party at work with lots of soup and treats, yummm.