my main mormon man.

how i know i talk too much about brandon flowers slash how much i love him: when five or more people ask me if i’ve seen the brandon flowers ‘i’m a mormon’ video. these people are my true friends. 
anna is the winner for getting to me first, texting me friday night with the glorious news and then subsequently emailing me the link and discussing it with me after i watched it and freaked out in someone’s house who thought i was crazy weird for screaming in their kitchen.
i heard he was making one of these about a year ago from a solid source so i was not surprised when i heard about it, just extremely ecstatic it was finally out. now i don’t have to convince people that he is in fact mormon and he is in fact active. 
i’ve always been a believer, brandon. just keep that in mind when you’re looking for your number one fan.
“my name is brandon flowers. i’m a father, i’m a husband, and i’m a mormon.”
kill me now.

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