true blue and breakfast food.

last saturday, my blood was the bluest it has ever been.
go cougars.
i also ate a comical amount of breakfast food. these two incidents are only somewhat related.
saturday morning i met up with jen, sarah, and leslie for a birthday breakfast for jen [22! oh em gee!]. we ate at magleby’s, only one of the best breakfast places around. everything they have is top notch. everything. i opted for the omelet myself but that did not keep me from stealing a few bites of leslie’s pancakes. so good. honestly, anyone could win my heart if they suggested magleby’s for breakfast. and do not get me started on their chocolate cake. easily my favorite cake ever. everrrr.
apparently we failed to get a picture of this occasion. oh well.
then sarah and i went to the byusa pancake breakfast at the creamery on ninth. for homecoming they always several stands making thousands of blue pancakes. tons of people came and ate before the parade started. which sarah and i watched and it was awesome. plus we got to see codi, rachel, and adam! #yayforfriends
don’t exactly know who this guys is… but he wanted to be in the picture. cool!
 medieval club. they are so cool.
 me, adam, and sarah.
 after that fun time i went home, took a nap, then went to the awful waffle with matt. we had talked about trying it out and so we finally did! i got crepes with peanut butter, pumpkin sause, and syrup. go big or go home guys. btdub it was delicious. i would easily make a weekly trip if i had the funds and metabolism for it.
 after that deliciousness i went over to sarah’s and we watched jane eyre. that movie is amazing. i’m sure i will be expressing my love for it [and michael fassbender] in a post soon enough.
sarah and danny invited me to dinner so we went to noodles & co [also delicious]. and they invited me to the homecoming football game! thanks guys!
my second byu football game as a student! look at me now.
we met up with the group during halftime. love.
[apparently katie and brady left before we took this. oops!]

yay for byu and breakfast! and friends. and jane eyre. just a few of my favorite things.


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