adult things.

so my blog friend jordyn [who i recently met and is awesome] does a series listing adult things she’s done vs. kid things she’s done. they are kind of brilliant. so i decided to come up with one of my own. [her’s are way better though, trust me.]

recent adult things i’ve done:

  1. moved all my things into my new apartment by myself.
  2. started working again. yay for paychecks.
  3. took my car to the dealership to get fixed and talked shop [kind of not really].
  4. shopped at a health food store. look at me go.
  5. went to fhe all by myself and met people.

recent kid things i’ve done:

  1. i decide multiple times everyday it would be best to never leave the safety of provo.
  2. then i call my mother for reassurance.
  3. got nutella crepes at ihop, completely ignoring the ‘fit and simple’ menu options. #getinmybellay
  4. freaked out like a little girl when i saw david archuleta.
  5. watched ‘tangled’ three times in two weeks.

after the third time watching ‘tangled’ i found this gem on youtube. please note the wink at 2:00 and die with me.


what days will hold.

moving in to a new place and starting a new semester at school is always a little craziness that takes me a few days to figure out and adjust to. i feel like last week was a whole kaleidoscope of ups and downs, from realizing i can only have half of my grant for tuition to realizing i have more free time then ever. every day was filled with weird, what the crap news and also discoveries that life really is a bit fantastic. friday was kind of like that.
i worked from 8 to 1, a new normal friday thing. then leslie took me to the car dealership to finally pick up my car. it was there for four days [which is a whole crazy weird story in and of itself] and i was definitely ready to have it back. after dealing with ricky [yeah, i’m on a casual first name basis with the nissan technician], i finally got out of there with my car and leslie and i headed up to the mountains for a hike.
we went to stewart falls in provo canyon and it was so beautiful and fun. i love spending time with my friends [and maybe getting lost on a long winding road] and talking about anything and everything. i can’t believe i have never made this hike before. it was incredible, take a look:
after we made our way back down [and saw a snake… i only freaked out a lot] leslie went home to shower and i went and filled up my car with gas. oh and locked both my keys and my phone in my car. wow ahlin, really? really, did that just happen? yes it did. after staring at the keys sitting  i asked the mini mart worker people if i could use their phone and i called my dad because he obviously has all the answers. he instructed me to call geico and i was out of there within half an hour. i was just laughing at myself because it was so unlike me to do that and i knew that at least three people were trying to get a hold of me. in fact, when i checked my phone, i felt more popular than i had been all week. why does that always happen? i don’t know.
when i finally got back to my apartment, leslie came over and we made delicious veggie burgers, zucchini, and sweet potato fries. we be healthy. then we got our friend jared and went to the rooftop concert here in provo. imagine dragons was playing and there were tons of people there. i went last year to see benton paul and nik day but it looks like the word has gotten out on how cool they are.
fun story:
i checked twitter when i got there and saw this
obviously i freaked out and tweeted him
not two minutes later, he walks right by me. 
did you catch that? 
it’s a gift really. i freaked out a little [a lot] and grabbed leslie’s arm until there was no circulation left [sorry lo]. he stopped about ten feet away and it looked like he was looking for something. me obviously. too bad he didn’t see me staring at him shamelessly. a minute or so later he walked past me again the same way he had come.
um, why didn’t you talk you him ahlin? i’m sure you’re all asking. hi, have you ever seen david archuleta in the flesh and have to come up with something to say on the spot? it’s a lot harder than you’d think. all i could think to say if i stopped him was ‘um, you’re david archuleta.’ really, that is all that came to my mind. i held on to enough dignity to know i shouldn’t say that to him. and it was too dark for a picture. so i just looked at him longingly and soaked it in, kind of like i did with zac-face.
yes i did make that big a deal out of it. i mean, look at him.
he is utah’s gem.

last first.

oh hey.

so would you like to hear about the last week and a half of my life? ok cool.

– drove back to provo.
– moved into my new apartment.
– reunited with my beautiful friends.
– went to my new ward.
– started my last first day of school.
– started work again [yay for paychecks].

i’m taking seven credits this semester. because that’s all i have left to do. craziness. now it’s time to decide what i want to do with my life post grad, apply for graduation [it costs $15. what?! yes.], and live it up in p town before i leave for good. it’s crazy thinking of a life without byu – i got just a taste of it this summer – but it is inevitable and i’m excited to take it head on. my professor showed this video in class this week and i almost cried because i felt like it was especially for me right now.
dr. suess knows what’s up.