i was 11 and lived in california at the time.
my step dad drove me to school that morning. i was wondering what he was listening to in the kitchen, what him and my mom were talking about over breakfast.
i had no idea what the world trade center was, what the twin towers were. but i realized that what had happened was a very big deal when i got to school and my friends rushed me asking if i’d heard.
in homeroom we watched the news as my teacher tried to reach her sister in new york. she was ok.
the rest of the day, the week was a blur. i remember many ‘moments of silence’ over the intercom, replays on tv, over and over, and seeing the huge ‘9/11’ printed on TIME magazine.
what i remember most, though, is the strength. the strength of our country, our president, our people. it gave me chills to see the flags mounted on all the houses, to listen to everyone’s patriotic side emerge, to realize that our country is incredible and how blessed i am to be a part of it.
god bless america and the lives of those severely affected by the events of 9/11.


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