inanimate objects that know me better than anyone.

  • phone
  • laptop
  • penelope, becoming jane, and atonement dvds
  • makeup box
  • running shoes
  • softball sweatpants from high school
  • headphones
  • journal #duh
  • netflix watch instantly
  • infiniti
which is now gone.
i was surprised at how attached i was to it. how sad i was to see it go. we’ve been through a lot, me and the i.
i am now driving the fit. which i am excited about. here’s to new friends, new adventures.

to the top.

a couple weekends ago leslie, andy/taylor, and i hiked to the top of y mountain. like, past the y, to the top. it was amazing and so beautiful. it had just rained and everything was so green.
leaves are starting to change! #yayfall
our view from the top. thank you clouds.
yay for hiking and trees and mountains and friends.

the nan.

it was my grandma’s birthday last week. so we had a yummy birthday dinner for her sunday!
and i was in charge of the banana cream pie.
have i ever made a pie in my life? nope. 
huge shout out and thank you to my sister lauren for walking me through each step of the process. it was delicious!
cooking: 0 ahlin: 1
 she is so cute.
 niki, nanny, my cousin chantel and her kids.
hanging out with family is always a huge win. #familiesareforever

because it made me lol.

top ten ways barack obama can boost his popularity with younger voters:
10. refer to himself as the chillaxer-in-chief.
9. limit speech to 140 characters or less.
8. broadcast oval office addresses in 3D.
7. replace rahm emanuel with a hunky, brooding vampire.
6. trade in air force one for a rocket-powered obama-cycle.
5. answer tough questions with ‘whatevs.’
4. change name to bajustin obieber.
3. refer to his abdominal muscles as ‘the administration.’
2. check into rehab, go to prison, check back into rehab, go back to prison, check back into rehab.
1. join team coco.

to tide you over.

one day i’ll get back to blogging real life. but for now. some instas.
150 calories? for a pint of ice cream? shut the front door.
saturday morning run past the temple #ibecool
my first h&m trip ever. in vegas. what what.
she’s pretty.
what do you do when you want to make cookies and all your butter is frozen? stick outside in the desert heat of course.


i was 11 and lived in california at the time.
my step dad drove me to school that morning. i was wondering what he was listening to in the kitchen, what him and my mom were talking about over breakfast.
i had no idea what the world trade center was, what the twin towers were. but i realized that what had happened was a very big deal when i got to school and my friends rushed me asking if i’d heard.
in homeroom we watched the news as my teacher tried to reach her sister in new york. she was ok.
the rest of the day, the week was a blur. i remember many ‘moments of silence’ over the intercom, replays on tv, over and over, and seeing the huge ‘9/11’ printed on TIME magazine.
what i remember most, though, is the strength. the strength of our country, our president, our people. it gave me chills to see the flags mounted on all the houses, to listen to everyone’s patriotic side emerge, to realize that our country is incredible and how blessed i am to be a part of it.
god bless america and the lives of those severely affected by the events of 9/11.