fun in target.

as much as i love st george, it is crazy hot. and as much as i love the crazy hotness, it’s hard to find stuff to do. because as much as i love my clothes sticking to my body all day, it gets old after two seconds. so we make our own fun in nice air conditioned stores. like target.
singing justin bieber doll anyone? um, yes please. 
question: how sketch is it that you have to press his abs to get him to sing? answer: pretty sketch. homeboy is seventeen.
 anyone up for a 1000 piece puzzle? oh yeah, the picture is of jelly beans. have at it.
 sweet talkin’ ken. as in you record what you want him to say to you and he says it back. if this isn’t the perfect boyfriend, i don’t know what is. [note: that last sentence is false. i prefer i live boyfriend thanks].
 what is target fun without some ballerina action? work it laken.
give me sass.
in what world should a five year old be tanner than me? this one apparently. no fair.
 is it sad that out of all the aisles of toys we went through these super hero toys called to me the most? they are just SO COOL.
i went to target to exchange waterproof mascara for regular mascara [i hate when i accidentally buy waterproof! who buys waterproof?!] and i came out with new kitchenware as well. target has no mercy. pics to come.

3 thoughts on “fun in target.

  1. good times in target. even though you had to bight your tongue the whole time as I contemplated buying her a $60 toy she already had! what's wrong with me?!?! you're suppose to speak up when I loose my mind. P.S I like your friend Libby

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