that one time my bestie came to visit me in socal. and it was awesome.

so my bff sarah… she’s awesome. and i love her. and she loves me. and we are a happy family. jk. but really. she’s the best of the best. she is the troy to my abed, the rachel to my monica, the jon to my stephen. 
her and her sister hannah came down and stayed with me for a couple days and played and ate and, oh yeah, saw the kooks. 
and it was freaking bomb.
the la temple! so pretty, it totally caught us off guard.
the kooks… were amazing. and it was so fun to see them live and to see them with sarah. the kooks are to sarah as the killers/brandon flowers are to me. so… yeah. kind of a big deal.
i had work off the next day so we slept in, had a yummy breakfast courtesy of mike and amy, packed up and headed down to carlsbad to hang out with my dad and hit up the beach. it was a win on all accounts.
most massive fish taco of my life.
just iphonin’ it up on the beach. #webecool
having sarah and hannah visit me was the perfect way to finish up my birthday and my first week out here. i honestly don’t know what i would have done if they were there to balance out all the change. probably would have drown away my sorrows with root beer and peanut m&m’s. good thing that didn’t happen…

birthday day.

on my twenty-first birthday.
i became an adult.
yep, i started my internship on my birthday. #superawesome
 got my own office. heyo.
my first thought when i saw the room number? ‘aw, sarah’s birthday…’ #besties
 after a long day of work i came home, went for a run [gotta start the year off right, ya know?], then my dad, gina and kylie came over to pick me up for dinner. and my dad gave me a flower! i’ve never got flowers before!
we went to super mex for some authentic and delicious mexican food #duh
 and kit came too! [kit, me, kylie and gina]
 oh this is where i live.
 of course yogurtland was across the street and of course it called to me.
 i just don’t think it would have been my birthday without some froyo.
and, can you believe it, the birthday celebrations did not end there…

ain’t no party like a griffith party.

i made it all in one piece to california and the next dat was father’s day. we went to my aunt missy and uncle ric’s house for a family bbq. it was so great, i hadn’t seen my cali family in forever. 
and when it comes to griffith parties, there is no disappointment.
my cute grandpa with his father’s day present.
my pretty present from missy and ric.
they made me a cake! coffee cake, yum yum, a family fave.
just chillin in perfect weather looking at orange trees, that’s all.
like father like son. my dad can sleep anywhere in any position.
dad, me, gina, and blake. love.
love my aunt missy.
i am a fan of my birthday, my family, and fathers. so pretty much this day was a win.

goodbye utah.

saying bye to utah means saying bye to my family. 
i got to hang out with these kiddos before i left. gina and i babysat them and then ben treated us to some shave ice. it would be an understatement if i said it was delicious.
oh man. i miss them so much.
then gina and i headed down to st george [after the worst day ever full of cleaning, packing, studying, testing, and moving]. then i had to say bye to these folks.
mine heart. i miss them all.

i’m on a boat.

well it was my birthday. and obviously the celebrating started three weeks ago with my nautical themed birthday party.
my friends are the best and made my vision come to life. leslie catered with the most amazing seafood, from crab dip to ranch tuna melts to fish tacos. sarahmaines did everything i asked her to with no complaints, and katie & jen headed up the dance party. plus my sister lauren graciously lent me her christmas lights! needless to say it was a success and it was good to see a lot of long lost friends.
leslie made me a blue cake! blue. like the ocean.
some light decor. yes there was a boat in the parking garage. no i did not put it there.
 kyle and leah. love them.
 kyle showing us his kick a moves.
 [old] roommate pic! awe. presh.
 sarah. mine bestie. words cannot describe my love for this lady. so for now, an acronym will have to do #ec
kickin it with danny. he was also a huge help. thanks danny!
sarah also made me a cake. isn’t it pretty? and that’s not all….
 it was funfetti! funfetti always wins in my book.
all in all it was a great twenty first birthday party and a great way to kick off the celebration! more to come…