ahlin’s perfect weekend part 2

sunday i gave a talk in church while sarah, danny, and colby were partaking in some of this: 
 after church i drove down to the beach and sat on a bench for a bit. it was so beautiful. then, out of nowhere, there were like fifteen dolphins just swimming right by the shore, for at least twenty minutes. it was so cool, i decided to just watch them and take it all in rather than try to get a crappy picture. it was definitely an awesome ‘i live in california’ moment.
 then i went home, watched some of ‘the office’ and then met up with sarah and danny at the boys’ hotel. they told me all about their disneyland adventures and we were starving so we got some taco bell. pretty much eating taco bell, chillin with my besties, watching ‘how i met your mother’ is all i could really ask for.
it was so great to play with them for a couple days and make fun memories. especially getting to be with sarah on the anniversary of our friendship. thanks for the two years of being the best bffl ever. youda youda best.

One thought on “ahlin’s perfect weekend part 2

  1. i love that i experienced this first hand, talked about it, wrote about it, and still love every picture/word on your blog about it. #perfectweekend

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